11 amazing tips for designing your kitchen

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kitchen is used throughout the day whether it is for cooking or eating. For this reason it is all the more important to design a comfortable and fully functional space. In order to make your kitchen look beautiful you need to come up with creative ways of designing. This will not only give your kitchen a new dimension but will also make working within the room a lot easier. To give you an idea of how you can design a multi-functional space here are 11 amazing tips.

1. A kitchen with grill

Instead of only a regular gas stove burner you can also incorporate a grill within your kitchen. This will give you the chance to cook healthy food without having to set up a different counter completely. Electric grills are also easily available in various sizes these days.

2. Suspended spice rack

Opening a cabinet and reaching out for the spices kept inside while cooking can take a lot of time. To make this easier you can have similar looking suspended spice racks near your cooking area. This will also cut down your cooking time significantly.

3. A cutlery drawer

A similar looking cutlery drawer will allow you to organise all your silverware properly. Apart from this it will also make it easy for you to search for your silverware when required.

4. Crockery drawer

We all love to have good quality glass crockery within our homes. But to keep them safe is another challenge altogether. By designing similar looking drawers for dishes you will be able to keep them away from damage.

5. Sketch on the wall

Most people feel that backsplashes can only be lined with tiles to make them look good. Rather you can also use sketches or quotes for the same purpose. This will give your kitchen a unique touch.

6. Integrated grater

This might seem to be a very simple tip but it surely comes handy. By integrating the greater into the counter you will not only save time but will also be able to work without spelling all over the place.

7. Drawer divider

Using metal drawer dividers will allow you to mark specific areas for all your condiments, silverware, as well as other similar kitchen tools. This will also give your kitchen drawer clean look.

8. Pull out shelves

Happiest when the skies are blue, Alaris London Ltd Alaris London Ltd Modern kitchen Cabinets & shelves
Alaris London Ltd

Happiest when the skies are blue

Alaris London Ltd

Instead of regular shelves you can also design similar looking pull out once. By doing so you will not have to squat down on the floor to reach your utensils or utility items. Rather you can simply pull out the shelf.

9. Steel chimney

In case you live in an apartment or your kitchen does not have a window then integrating a chimney is a must. Steel chimneys not only look modern but are also likely to last longer without any damage.

10. Folding counter

NEW! 2015 Kitchen: PORTLAND + ARCOS Schmidt Palmers Green Scandinavian style kitchen
Schmidt Palmers Green

NEW! 2015 Kitchen: PORTLAND + ARCOS

Schmidt Palmers Green

Folding counters are a clever way to increase your workstation. Once you are done with the work, you can simply fold it down to save space within your kitchen.

11. Knife drawer

Knife drawers are the best way to safely tuck these sharp objects away. For those of you who have kids in the house such drawers can prove to be a lifesaver.

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