10 Vastu ideas for your kitchen

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The kitchen forms an integral part of any household. Since ancient times lots of studies and researches has been done by the scholars of Vastu Shashtra to get the perfect vastu for the kitchen. It is believed that the kitchen designed according to vastu principles and with ideal vastu colours for kitchen cabinets attracts good health and happiness and helps the inmates to live a blissful life.

Today in this ideabook we have brought 10 tips for your kitchen that abides by the rules laid down by the Vastu shashtra. Follow them and live an abundant life.

1. Position of the kitchen

According to the Vastu Shashtra, the south-east corner is the abode of the Fire God. So the ideal location for kitchen should be the south-east corner of the house. The stove should be placed in such a way that the cook should be facing towards east while cooking. The second best option for the kitchen is north-west part of the home. Just make sure that the kitchen is not over or under the Pooja room or bathroom and it should not share a wall with bathroom or pooja room.

​2. The entry to healthy living

It is advised to have the kitchen entrance designed in the middle and not in any corner of the room. The best direction to enter the kitchen is from the east, north and west. Just make sure that the kitchen should never face the main entrance of the house.

3. The water bodies

Sink, taps, RO, earthen pots or any vessels used to store water should be placed in the north-east or north direction of the kitchen away from the stove.

​4. Fire and water

Fire and water are opposite elements and hence it should be placed away from each other. Since the south-east direction is for the Lord of fire and kitchen stoves are placed in the south-east direction, the water elements like sink, taps, filters, pitcher, etc. should be placed in the north-east part of even small kitchens. This charming yellow tone used here is one among recommended vastu colors for kitchens.

​5. The refrigerator

Though it was not there in the ancient times, but now the refrigerator has become an indispensable part of our house. If you are keeping your refrigerator in the kitchen then place it in the south-east, south, west or north direction. If you are placing it in south-west direction then make sure that it is at least a foot away from the corner and walls. It is not advisable to place the refrigerator in the north-east direction, so avoid it.

​6. Welcoming freshness

According to Vastu shashtra, window is an important part of the kitchen as it brings in the positive energy and keeps the kitchen well ventilated. One large window should always be constructed in the eastern direction while the smaller windows or ventilators should be in the southern. The place for the exhaust fan should be in the east.

​7. Storing it right

The modular kitchen is there to make our kitchen comfortable and it creates sufficient storage space right in our kitchen. Make sure that the storage cabinets both floor and wall units are placed on the Southern and the western walls and not on the Northern and the Eastern walls.

​8. The electrical appliances

We cannot imagine a kitchen without modern kitchen appliances like oven, microwave, mixer-grinder, etc. We need a place to keep it in our kitchen. Construct an L-shaped platform near the south or south-eastern wall of the kitchen with the help of an experienced kitchen planner and use it for the electrical appliances in the kitchen. Remember to use kitchen colours as per vastu norms to have a harmonious household.

​9. The flooring

Vastu suggest the flooring of the kitchen should be of ceramic, marble or mosaic. They are strong and sturdy and scratch-resistant too.

10. Colour of happiness

Choose vibrant and happy colours, such as orange, red, chocolate, yellow, green, rose for your kitchen. When choosing kitchen colour as per Vastu, avoid black.

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Right place for stocking food grains

According to vaastu norms, all food grains and dry rations should be stored in the south-west location of the kitchen since it brings luck with prosperity. It is believed that if these essentials are stored in this region the house will never face shortage of food grains.

Now that your kitchen is vastu compliant let us understand about vaastu shastra ideas for living room.

Which of these kitchen vastu tips do you already follow? We are eager to know.

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