10 pictures of small kitchens for Indian homes

SJR Watermark, 3 BHK - Mr. Ankit DECOR DREAMS Built-in kitchens
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Look at the positive side of homes with small kitchens- it has smaller area to clean. It’s not difficult to make a small kitchen look spacious and keep it organized. When you have limited space for the kitchen all you need is a simple design that will make your kitchen look smart and comfortable. Be innovative and manage the space judiciously to enjoy the pleasure of cooking. And as always our expert professionals are here to help you design a practical, convenient and functional kitchen for your small home.

Have a look!

1. Scintillating red and white

It is a little clean spacious kitchen celebrating the magical combination of red and white. If the kitchen is small, it is advisable to keep it open and see how spacious it will look.

​2. When eyes will forget to blink

SJR Watermark, 3 BHK - Mr. Ankit DECOR DREAMS Built-in kitchens

SJR Watermark, 3 BHK—Mr. Ankit


An elegant cream with some unexpected excitement in this tiny little corner kitchen will leave you mesmerized. The colour is brightening up the space. It compels you to forget blinking and just stare in awe.

3. The subway tiles on the wall

To fake a large kitchen, why not use the subway tiles instead of mosaic tiles. The light colour tiles along with the light colour on the cabinets looks amazing. The long floor and wall cabinets create enough storage space to keep the kitchen organized.

4. In the shape of L

Kitchen work for Celebrity - Mrs. Jeny Susan Mattew Bespoke Decor Modern kitchen Plywood Amber/Gold
Bespoke Decor

Kitchen work for Celebrity—Mrs. Jeny Susan Mattew

Bespoke Decor

L-shape is the perfect shape for small kitchens. Sufficient storage space can be created under the counter and on the wall in the shape of L without cramming the valuable space. It also leaves ample space to move freely in the kitchen.

5. Electrifying experience

Choose some electrifying colour to liven up the space. Contrast it with calming colour and see how it pops up. Obviously the colouring experiment is possible only on the cabinets in a small kitchen. So design enough cabinets of different shapes, sizes and material for an amazing experience.

6. Stack up the cabinet

Kitchen Designs I Nova Infra Modern kitchen
I Nova Infra

Kitchen Designs

I Nova Infra

When you just have a corner to build up a kitchen, think differently! Stack up the cabinets, keep some open and some closed, create drama in the twist and turns of the corner and then splash it with colour. We Indians love colour, isn’t it?

​7. Spotless white

The Kitchenette Urban Shaastra Minimalist kitchen
Urban Shaastra

The Kitchenette

Urban Shaastra

The white kitchen blends with the whiteness of the space all around. The serenity of the colour white soothes the mind and will make cooking near the heat a pleasurable experience.

​8. Wooden love

Mr.Ajith Residence MAPLE TREE Modern kitchen Brown

Mr.Ajith Residence


We Indians love wood and believe that the furniture made up of wood will always look elegant and will never be outdated. Design the cabinets according to your needs and enjoy comfortable and cool kitchen.

9. Sophisticated tone of black and white

When you have a small kitchen, why not make it into a decorated room? Select beautiful designer tiles for the wall, mismatch the materials of the cabinets and then give it a sophisticated look with the perfect blend of black and white; it will look amazing.

​10. Tamed imagination

Modular kitchen backsplash design ideas homify Asian style kitchen

Modular kitchen backsplash design ideas


The motifs on the wall, the sleek cabinets and calm colour combination of walnut and white; it’s a modern kitchen for young couples who love simplicity.

Check out our ideabook to get ideas to make your small kitchen beautiful: How to make your small kitchen beautiful!

Which one of these small kitchens did you find cute and organized? Please leave your comments.

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