15 amazing ideas for small bedrooms

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We all know how important the bedroom is to our soul and our health! It is the part of the house where we spend quite a lot of time, relaxing with a nice book, sleeping or spending time with our partner. However, we are often a little disappointed, because our bedroom is too small, and we feel that there is not enough room for all the things we want to surround ourselves with. Honestly? No one needs to fear, because even the smallest bedrooms have the potential to become a safe harbour for us. We, at Homify, have put together a collection of 15 small bedrooms, which show, with the help of clever solutions, that size doesn’t matter. Let's look at them.

1. Simple and neat

We think that this bedroom is perfect for starting with today's theme, because this small space shows us wonderfully that less can be more. In this small bedroom, we only find the most basic things like the bed, a lamp and a TV. This minimalist design makes it a quiet place to go and relax.

2. Mirror, mirror

Large mirrors can be used to decorate small bedrooms for adding a sense of depth. The larger the mirror, the more of the room you see in the reflection.

3. Clever ideas for storage space

For small bedrooms, chaos and mess are fatal! That is why we should spend a few minutes every day to clean up our bedroom. If we do not have a closet where we can store our clothes and accessories, then maybe it’s worth considering a wall curtain. The advantage is that behind it, small and large things can be stored!

4. Design with daylight

Natural light creates great effects in a bedroom, small or big. Therefore, we should strive to use daylight as much as possible to provide the bedroom with brightness. So, do away with thick curtains or heavy roller blinds. Instead, install light shutters or blinds that can provide privacy at night.

5. Corner office

If one is unsure about the design of a small bedroom, one should rely on the help of experts. With clever furniture, wonderfully multifunctional rooms can be set up. It is not so rare to integrate a small workspace in the bedroom, for example, like in this one.

6. Colour focus

Bright colours do wonders to small spaces, because they make the room seem bigger. This also presents solutions for small bedrooms, where one can design wonderfully with bright textiles. However, it should not fail to create a focal point. The pillows, in our example, are the main attraction, while the art print over the bed discreetly adds a lighter contrast.

7. Storage space under the bed

дизайн студии в скандинавском стиле, sreda sreda Scandinavian style bedroom

Don’t have room for a large wardrobe in the bedroom? No problem! Just integrate a few drawers under the bed, because honestly, the space under the bed is mostly not used optimally even in a small bedroom.

8. Folding beds

Folding furniture like this bed is a great idea to create space-saving solutions for small bedrooms. In this way, we can benefit from all the available square-feet! This system with its fold-down bed is particularly clever, as once folded, the wall also takes over the task of a room divider.

9. The large closet

Here, we see that a large wall cabinet is a real investment, especially when it’s tailor-made to maximize space in a small bedroom. We get separate areas for hanging clothes, in addition to drawers and shelves, where we can properly organize our things. Nothing could be better!

10. Different wall design

Distraction is also a good tactic for small bedrooms. We can simply paint one of the main walls in a strong colour and design it with a print, sticker or photo. Such a wall complements the other neutral walls and distracts from the size of the room. Our tip: use the colour only on one wall or side. Otherwise, the dark tone will have a negative effect and make the space appear darker and smaller.

See Splash Out! Colourful bedroom ideas for more inspiration on using colour in your small bedroom.

11. The industrial look

Exposed bricks on the wall can achieve the same effect as we have described in the last picture. With this, a cool and industrial style can be created, giving the small bedroom a very special atmosphere.

12. Light, light and more light

We come back to the topic of light in small spaces. Daylight is good for every room, as even during the longest days of summer, it gets dark. In such cases, one should invest in beautiful night lights, candles or tee lights to create a cosy atmosphere in small bedrooms in the evenings.

13. The ladder rack: practical and beautiful

We know that our towels get thrown in a corner or on the bed and seem to have no real home anywhere. A small ladder can help. Simply hang the towels on it for drying. Another positive effect of this, especially in hot season when the air in our houses is very dry, is that the damp towels put a little moisture back into the room, which prevents our mucous membranes from drying out while we sleep.

14. Messages on the wall

This small bedroom has a message on the wall in giant letters on a wooden panel, and the mirror immortalizes the message by reflecting it. It’s outstanding, stylish and cosy!

15. Furniture that defines the design

In the event we do not have unique ideas, our furniture can take over the task of defining requirements. Here, professional carpenters have designed a unit that optimizes the vertical space. The wardrobe, stairs and bed form an inseparable unit that adds cosiness to the small bedroom.

Which of these ideas will you copy? Let us know in the comments.

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