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How to design a kitchen with a limited budget

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It’s a dream of every homeowner to have a beautiful and comfortable kitchen. But the harsh reality is that designing a perfect kitchen cost a lot. Not everyone can afford an expensive designer kitchen for their home. However, we cannot ignore the importance of kitchen in our home. We, the Homify professionals understand your requirements and limitations. Today we have come up with a few ideas to create a perfect kitchen for you that too in a limited budget.

Let’s explore together and get some ideas to renovate the kitchen economically!

​Economical options for the counter top

One of the most expensive pieces in a kitchen is the kitchen counter. Usually we use granite or marble for it because these materials are sturdy and water and heat resistant. However, you may reduce the cost substantially by opting for wooden top like here in this kitchen. Just make sure that the wood is treated well and coated with paint.

​Open shelves

A modular kitchen or cabinets in a kitchen are very convenient but it is not cheap. If you want a cheaper option for the storage space in your kitchen, replace it with open shelves. With the shelves in the kitchen you can create the same number of storing space and at lesser cost. Now let loose your creativity and design the shelves to suit your requirement and make your kitchen attractive.

​Single material kitchen

Though it is not preferred in a modern kitchen, just a few years ago the kitchen was usually designed with one material and that was either stone or cement. Using a single material saves wastage and is cost effective. Here the H-ABITAT DISEÑO & INTERIORES has designed a perfect monolith kitchen for you to get inspired. The uniformity in the feel and material looks interesting.

​Smartness of cement counter top

As we know that marble or granite are an expensive option for the kitchen and it is advisable to replace it with some cheaper substitute to reduce the cost. Why not opt for cemented counter top? It is a smart idea as it is heat and water resistant. It will look great too if it is polished well to make it look silky smooth. Wood is also an option but then it will require treatment to make it water and heat resistant.

​The style to suits your budget

You just need to select a style to make your kitchen beautiful and comfortable. And who else will know your choice, requirement, preferences and style better than you. Design your own kitchen complementing your style and decor of the house and save a lot of money. There are many smart and cheaper solutions available in the market. You just need to explore.

​An attractive detailing

We don’t have to spend a lot to make a kitchen attractive and convenient. Just pay attentions to a little bit of detailing and see how it pops-up. Take a clue from here and brighten the space. The window and door frames have been painted blue and it instantaneously grabs all the attention. Isn’t it? Kitchen comes in different size and style. Budget plays an important role to create it. But it is more important to pay attentions to the functionality and design of the kitchen so that it is a comfortable space for you.

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What do you think about these amazing ideas to design your kitchen in a limited budget? Did you find it helpful? Write to us.
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