20 closet ideas for small bedrooms

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When pressed for space, one tends to compromise on furniture and decor that might occupy more than one can accommodate. Rather than cut out on vital decor that your home is in need of, you could opt for some of the ideas mentioned in this ideabook.  

1. Mirrored sliding doors

Closets, on most occasions, find their way to the bedroom. To prevent them from taking up too much space, it is best you opt for sliding doors. Sliding doors with mirrors atop are simply the icing on the cake!

2. Drapes

Drapes can come into play at times when you don't want to reveal too much of your closet. This could work two ways- either you keep everything in your closet secluded by drawing the drapes or keep some part of it under wraps while exposing the other. 

3. Mirrored doors

Mirrors work exceptionally well in smaller areas as they tend to accentuate the space made available to you. Mirrored doors have a nice classy finish especially when teamed up with lights. 

4. Closets in the hallway

Rather than having closets take up your bedroom space, you can have them take some up on the way to the bedroom, like in the hallway. Add in  some mirrors in and you have for yourself the perfect dressing room.

5. The walk in closet

Want to make the closet of your dreams a reality? This walk in closet lets you do just that. All you need and more, right where you need it to be. You deserve some luxury, don't you think?

6. Turn your attic into a closet

Make the most of your attic by turning it into your very own closet. Though you might not exactly end up with a symmetrical closet, you do end up with a closet and if a closet is what you need, then this works just fine. 

7. Multipurpose furniture

If you have an office at home, you can plan to include a closet in it as well. This serves multiple purposes depending on your needs. It also ups the overall look of your room by making the area seem more organized. 

8. Closet office

If you're looking for an office and can't seem to find the space, then an office in a closet you can find. It's compact, petite and cozy.

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9. An unusual setting

A closet in a bathroom might sound absurd to most people but in some homes this is fast becoming! It would be a whole lot easier to change in your bathroom right after a shower wouldn't it?

10. Logical distribution

A closet well spread out can help you keep your things organized and in place. If space permits, you can also sneek a dressing table in.

11. A dressing room

Take advantage of the walls in your bedroom so that you can create a cabinet that is tailor made for you. This way you don't need to set aside separate space for your closet.

12. Practical and creative closets

For narrow closets, you can accessorize with something as simple as knobs. They can be used to hang your coats to stoles on too which can incidentally also be used as units of decoration if you choose.

13. One for the laundry room

Wouldn't it be great to have a closet in the laundry room? This way all the dirty laundry can immediately be taken care of and vice versa.

14. A closet under the staircase

Closets under the staircase leave you with plenty space in your bedrooms. In most cases the space under the staircase is not fully utilized, but with this neat little idea you can use every inch of space!

15. An organized staircase closet

Here's a more organized closet, pretty much where the previous point left us. If you can neatly demarcate the space beneath the staircase, then you can organize all your belongings just like this image.

16. Small spaces with efficient utilization

The best thing about small spaces is that you can neatly divide the area into neat little compartments. This lets you find all your belongings when you need them.

17. A pop of color

Nice bright colors can work wonders on your closet especially if you grapple with space constraints. Bright colors tend to make the room look larger, if that's what you want to capture. 

18. A modern approach

For a modern look, you can choose a contrast of colors such as black and red. Finish off with decor such as this to add hint of modernism to your home. 

19. Add a little detail

Details can make all the difference in the world. Add in some lighting to your closet to up the ante a bit. To finish off, choose a brilliant pop of color against a white backdrop. 

20. Transparent doors

If you want to flaunt your clothing to passerby's then this is the way to do it! Simple transparent screens can let you sneak a peek at the marvel you're keeping in the closet! 

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