Ayurvedic colour therapy in home interior design

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Using ayurvedic colour therapy in interior design is about balancing colours, using natural sunlight combined with colours, and using semi precious stones to harmonize living spaces and improve the mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the inhabitants. 

According to ayurveda, colours and coloured light can improve our state of mind and has many health benefits as well. Modern psychology also has recognized the psychological effects of colour on us. 

We hope you will be inspired to try out some of these ayurvedic colour therapy ideas at home. 

Ayurvedic colour therapy

The importance of colour and sun energy is greatly underestimated in modern society. Our modern lifestyles often require us to sit in air-conditioned buildings with little or no exposure to sun. Sun energy revitalizes our body and improves our immune system and resistance to diseases, while the seven colours of the rainbow work with our seven chakra points to harmonize our being. 

Ayurvedic colour therapy uses the combination of sunlight and colour to improve our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Coloured light is therapeutic for mind, body and soul. 

Ayurvedic experts have recommended some DIY colour therapy you can do at home. One way is to place coloured glass bottles in direct sunlight for 8 hours, and then sip on this water 3-4 times a day. Perhaps you can simply leave these colourful glass bottles in the garden or on the balcony, and they could sit pretty in the sunlight as decorations and also have health benefits for you. 

Coloured sunlight

Stained glass is perfect for getting coloured sunlight directly into your home, and it looks gorgeous as well. This modern looking stained glass has all the 7 colours of the rainbow that you need to balance all your chakras.  

Using the stained glass as a roof window will make it easy for you to fully absorb the magical coloured sunlight by simply sitting underneath it. 

Semi precious stones

Using semi precious stones is also part of ayurvedic colour therapy as stones have healing properties that are beneficial to us. This beautiful blue agate wall panel will let sunlight shine through the gorgeous circular patterns of the blue agate stone and into your home. 

Blue coloured light has a calming effect that brings tranquility while reducing stress and negativity. It also reduces body temperature, high blood pressure, and helps heal skin conditions. Blue agate also has similar qualities as the colour blue, and is considered as the stone of happiness and communication which helps to balance the throat chakra. 

Using semi precious stones in interior design not only looks glamorous, but also has many benefits for us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 


Lighting can also affect our state of mind and emotions. Ayurvedic experts generally recommend using soft lights instead of fluorescent lights. However, full spectrum lights or clear white lights that match the colour of sunlight at noon when it is at its brightest is highly recommended when there is less sunlight. Even modern medical doctors will tell you that a lack of sunlight can lead to depression. 

This soft lighting encased in a translucent woven nest is designed by Deepaakula Design, interior designers and decorators based in Hyderabad. 

Balancing colours

Balancing colours in the home is crucial to harmonize our mind, body and emotions. Each colour has different attributes. Some colours raise our energy level, and others calm us down. Using only calming colours might lead to lethargy, while using only stimulating colours might lead to burn out and fatigue. 

In this living room, you can see that there's a good balance of colour being used. The colour black stimulates the ability to resist negative emotions, while the colour white increases spirituality and promotes compassion and vitality. So you can see that black and white compliment each other nicely, and that's why they are often used together, for example in the yin and yang symbol. 

Next throw in a few more colours that contrast with each other, and your living space will be in harmony. Here you see an orange cushion and a green cushion next to each other. Orange increases energy and intelligence, while green has a calming effect on the mind and nerves. Finally the colour brown has a stabilizing effect. 

For more ideas on how to use colour in interior design, have a look at this ideabook on the importance of colour

Did you like these ideas about how to use ayurvedic colour therapy in interior design? 

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