Saravan - The Singh's residence: eclectic Garden by Sandarbh

A beautiful home in Bangalore that highlights wood

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The architects at Sandarbh Architects, Bangalore, have created this absolutely fabulous home. Saravan- The Singh’s residence is like a melody that is so beautiful that you want to keep listening to it. The décor is dignified but also extremely personal. The use of cane and wooden furniture, the garden in various places in the house and the unique ceilings within the house are something quite rare in the city of Bangalore.

​The path less taken

Staying true to the nature of the design of this house, the path leading to the back is not paved stones and a clear road. Instead, the designers have let the stones be there with grass growing among the stones. The presence of beautiful shrubs, creepers and plants is truly a welcoming experience compared to other concrete and stone houses.

​A welcoming front

While we don’t know whose idea was it to focus on the plants, it has worked brilliantly. Just as the backyard oozes charm because of the plants, so does the front. Different species have been planted together to form a sort of canopy in the front. The lack of proper shape or trimming is actually quite welcome because this is nature in her best form

​Living in the living room

The living room too has been turned into a space that is extremely personal. One can see the different wooden and glass cabinets placed to showcase artefacts or personal favourites. The plush sofas are not too big but offer enough space. The designers have added stairs to make the second level accessible and turn that space into a bedroom.

​A space that calls to you

It is very obvious that the family that lives here loves to collect things and put them on display. Despite the many knick-knacks in just the kitchen, it is extremely well organised. A wall-mounted shelf displays all the cups and mugs, while various wooden cabinets are provided for storage. The beautiful yet simple hanging lamps provide ample light during the night-time.

​Of sloped ceilings

Taking a look at the upper floor of the house, we can see that it has a sloped roof. That has not been a deterrent for the designers. They’ve turned the loft into a bedroom, with cabinets lining one wall, despite the shape of the ceiling. The wardrobe and the rest of the room are decorated simple and complement the room because there’s already one unique element present.

​Closer to nature

The backyard is extraordinary. Not only because it is unlike your typical manicured garden, but also because of the décor and furniture chosen by the designers. They chose to highlight the space by using pieces that are not very loud. The simple cane chairs and a solitary lamp are enough to turn this into an ideal relaxation spot.

​And down we go

Just as there is an upper level, there is also a beautiful lower level in the house. Another great spot that has maritime wall pieces and some classy wooden furniture. Add a few throw pillows and this area is ready for a party.

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