Romantic ideas for the home

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These romantic ideas for the home may be ideal for newly weds, couples in love, and as gifts for weddings and romantic occasions. Romantic interior design and home decor evokes warm feelings of love and creates a romantic atmosphere at home. If you're single, express your romantic side and let love find a place in your home with these creative ideas. 

We hope these romantic ideas will bring love and affection to your home. 

Romantic interior design and home decor

Custom Street Map Wallpaper Love Maps On Ltd. Modern walls & floors Wallpaper
Love Maps On Ltd.

Custom Street Map Wallpaper

Love Maps On Ltd.

Is there a certain place that you can mark on a map that has romantic memories for you and your partner? Maybe it's the place that you first met, your first date, or the the place where you both decided to tie the knot. How about creating your own little love shack by getting a custom made street map wallpaper with that special place on it? The love map is a unique way of displaying your romantic memories in the house, and creating a personal, intimate space where you can get lost in love but always find the directions back to your heart. 

Home is where the heart is

The heart is a timeless icon of love and romance, and this heart-shaped pouf will make you feel right at home with it's soft embrace. This unique pouf is designed by Design Inmovimento, and is a great way to bring warmth and affection to a home. Cuddle up with your lover and listen to each other's hearts, or let this comfy seat hug you and keep you snug on the days when you're missing your lover. 

This ergonomic seat is filled with recycled expanded polystyrene beads and shape memory materials which help the pouf remember its original heart shape. It also comes with a removable cover made out of water-repellent Italian fabric. 

Breakfast in bed

Bringing your partner breakfast in bed is a romantic gesture that never grows old. This heart-shaped egg mold will help you express the love that you put into preparing breakfast for your loved one. Who wouldn't go all soft and mushy with heart-shaped eggs like this?

If you find that the way to your lover's heart is through his or her stomach, then here are more kitchen accessories that will help you prepare meals full of love. 

Love is in the home decor

Polyresin Swan Pair M4design Other spaces Sculptures

Polyresin Swan Pair


Love is in the air, and it's also in the home decor. Swans form a heart shape when they put their beaks together, and are one of the most popular symbols of love worldwide. Swans form monogamous relationships that can last for a lifetime. In Hindu mythology, the swan is the embodiment of the union of opposites as it is seen as a union of bird and snake (because of its serpentine neck). 

This beautiful polyresin swan pair would make a good gift for a wedding or a romantic occasion. 

Creating a romantic atmosphere at home

Fireplaces have a classic way of creating a romantic atmosphere at home. If you live in the colder regions of India, this bio-ethanol fireplace may be just what you need to keep the fire in your romance burning. 

This modern bio-ethanol fireplace produces real fire and real heat. Although it does not produce as much heat as a traditional wood fireplace, it is more convenient and practical compared to traditional fireplaces.  

This fireplace set in stone, will create the perfect setting for a romantic evening with your loved one. If you like the idea of a fireplace but this one is not really your style, have a look at fireplaces for every style

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