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Metropolitan Center, Enrique Serrano | Fotógrafo de Arquitectura e Interiores Enrique Serrano | Fotógrafo de Arquitectura e Interiores Modern living room Beige
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If you are planning to redesign or renovate your house and give it a completely new look and feel, you can follow some of the tips listed below. The best thing about these ideas is that they can turn a simple looking room into a highly elegant and sophisticated one by making really small budget friendly changes. Try these and see the way your room is magically transformed.

Chandeliers add to the refined look of the room

The crystal chandelier installed in the ceiling of the room can make the place look refined and elegant. A sense of finesse can be felt all around the room. The materials used in furniture cover are in light crème color; while the carpet on the floor comes in dark shades. This contrast in shades makes the room look highly sophisticated and elegant. This is indeed a refined idea and will make your room look just amazing!

1. A room perfectly done with great furniture and lighting

Take a look at this room and you will agree that everything looks magical, right from the furniture to the lighting to the many accessories in the room. The furniture in the room is simple, but highly sophisticated and with elegant textures. The rooms upstairs are not visible. But, the stairs that lead to the rooms above are well lit with a mystifying effect. The candelabrum in the background adds a touch of sophistication of the room. There is also natural greenery in the room in the form of potted plants and which looks excellent. This is an easy way to renovate a room on a tight budget.

The slightly hidden living room space creates magic

This is an excellent idea to revamp your living room. The main magic of the room lies in the way it is designed. The main living room is not clearly visible from the entrance. There are stairs that you have to climb down to reach the beautiful living room. Grey is the dominant colour of the furniture cover and even the walls etc; but the placement of bright red cushions on the sofa create a unique impact. It is the colour of the cushion and the contrast with the other things which create magic in the room.

Upholstery fabric on the couches

When you have armchairs and couches in your living room, they are an attraction in themselves. To make them more appealing and attractive, try playing with some quality upholstery fabric and see the transformation that comes with the same. The light mustard colour of the fabric imparts a smart but elegant charm to the room. Other furniture in the room like the coffee table and the lamp on the floor can also bring life to a dull room.

Playing with the purple shade in the room 

If purple is your favourite colour, you can create magic with the color in this room. Basically the room is done in cream color, which is extremely soft and sober. The purple colour is used in the armchair cover, in the purple coloured flowers that are planted in the pot and are in the form of climbers and on the cushion cover. The contrast created in cream and purple gives a bright appearance to the room automatically. You can also play with other colours to liven up a lifeless room.

Amalgamating the fun atmosphere with that of sophistication

Looking for a simple way to brighten up a room? This is the one for you! When you take a first glance at this room, you will find that everything is perfectly in place with serious and elegant charm. What makes the difference in the serious setup is the colourful carpet. It adds a fun touch to the room, imparting a sense of confidence in the place. For a moment, you can keep all the seriousness aside and indulge in fun.

Artwork in a room can change the way a place looks

Artwork like paintings, pictures, sculptures, etc look very good in a room when they are properly placed. In this room, the paintings are arranged in the right place and one can go near each and admire in detail. Along with paintings and photos, sculptures also make a room look quite posh and refined. But like paintings, they have to be placed in the right area as well.

Integrating shapes, letters and images

Too many things in a room can indeed make it look cluttered, but not always! And, this simple plan is testimony to just that! When the three elements come together, they impart a personality to the space. The cushions have some kind of philosophical writings on them. The carpet is bright in color with varying and interesting patterns, and the wall has a world map painted in unique style. Taking a look at the room you can easily understand that the person who lives here is definitely unique and has intellectual tastes and preferences.

Lots of places to sit

If you are out of ideas to decorate your room, try this! The décor specialty of this room is that it has abundant seats in place. In case you have a large party in your house, your guests will get lots of space to sit and enjoy the party. The furniture is simple in the room and there is a carpet which stretches all along the room. The seating arrangements are cosy and comfortable.

The modern achimera

Previously there used to be chimneys in a room and these added to the rustic appeal of the room consistently. But, the good ol’ cement chimneys are a thing of the past! Better and sophisticated materials are used in the making of the chimneys. These chimneys have a new look and appeal and contribute to room décor in a unique manner.

Full glass window with warm and comfortable room settings

Full glass window all along the living room is something that is simply amazing and outstanding. You basically do not need to do anything more to make this space attractive. As long as there is natural light, your room will be flooded with the same. In the evenings, you can view the city from the window. The whole thing seems like a moving picture. Since the room is quite large, there is abundant furniture in the room, but they are comfortably placed without any kind of cluttered look.

Working on the ceiling helps 

Whenever we think of room décor, we mainly concentrate on the walls, floors, arts and artefacts etc. But we hardly pay attention to the ceiling. It is amazing to note that if the ceiling can be prepared properly, it will impart great dimension to the room. The honeycomb wooden structure in the ceiling is the main attraction of the room. All eyes are stuck on the item. Therefore, keep the furniture and floor décor to minimalist levels.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

The mirrored wall you can’t stop looking at

The back wall of this room is what makes the place so very special. The whole wall has mirrors on it. Along with the wall, the furniture, the carpet and the other décor in the room is done in the most immaculate manner to create the best impact.

Double impressions with double heights 

The height of your room can play a major role in deciding the overall look and appearance of a place. If you are interested in creating a design that is striking and unique, try to create a very high ceiling in your room. Invest in a stylish chandelier for the room along with a nice painting for the wall. Keep the furniture and other décor to the minimal so that the concentration is majorly on the ceiling of the room.

Work on the floor 

Invest in a plush carpet in crème/beige color, which should be matched with the upholstery color of the furniture. In fact, if the ceiling is also coloured in the same hues as the carpet, a unique impact is created. A warm and pleasant ambience is created with such a setup in the room.

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These were 15 really cool ideas to create beautiful rooms in your home straight from top designers in the country. So, which one did you like most?...

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