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7 ideas to save electricity by switching to energy efficient lighting

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Nowadays, a lot of people are resorting to numerous measures to cut down on their energy bills, both at home and at their workplace. However, it is not only about individual monetary gains- saving electricity ultimately contributes to wellbeing of the planet. For saving on energy consumption, many things can be tried but the best option is switching your existing lamps with energy efficient LED lamps.

Below listed are the 6 major advantages of using Led lamps and lighting that you should understand before switching to Led setup:

• Longer life offered by LED lights

One major advantage of using LED light over fluorescent lamps is that they generate less heat. So, in a setup where lots of lamps need to be used, using conventional lamps will result in generation of considerable amount of heat. This may lead to deployment of additional measures to keep temperature under control. However, this is not the case when you are using Led lights. So, these new era lights can be used where temperature control is a pre-requisite.

You can hire a designer to achieve the lighting and effects that you desire.

• Longer life offered by LED lights

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Compared to typical florescent lamps, Led based lamps last far longer. You can use them for longer without worry. On an average, a Led lamp will continue to work for 50000 hours which is way better than what you can expect from a typical bulb. The Led bulbs can be used inside and outside of the home. They also switch on instantly and you do not have to put up with flickering.

• Variable lighting temperature

New generation LED bulbs can be manufactured to produce different lighting temperature. You can find Led bulbs emitting yellowish hues and lights that emit bright white light. So, you can use them for various purposes such as general illumination, studying and interior décor etc. They are also available in various colours for decorative lighting.

• Eco friendly nature

Led technology based lamps are more environment friendly than typical lamps. They do not contain mercury or hazardous substances. So, when you dispose the expired LED lamps and tubes that do not lead to significant damage to environment. Besides, using Led lamps lead to reduced energy consumption and that leads to lower carbon emission. It is even more apt when you want to embrace green way of living.

• Enhanced durability

Compared to traditional lamps, LED technology lamps tend to be more durable. They cope with exposure to weather elements and temperature variations far better. So, you can expect a LED bulb to survive much longer than typical lamps. It does not contain a filament which is another reason behind longer lifespan.

Go Green Go LED

So, you can see using LED lamps can be beneficial in many ways. However, you should switch to Led lighting at home after proper planning and cost evaluation. It is also important that you get the lights installed by a qualified electrician and by them from a suitable vendor. This will be beneficial as well as cost effective.

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These are a few ways how LED lights can help reduce your electricity bill and the many benefits of switching to them. So, when are you switching to...
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