11 pictures of houses made with a lot of glass

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A house made of glass always looks extravagant and promises a very special lifestyle as the large glazed facade with room-high windows allows natural light to penetrate unhindered through the interiors and to fill the rooms with brightness. The eyes of curious strangers can be easily blocked, using a variety of design tricks and technical accessories such as blinds and coatings.

The following 11 pictures show you how to design your house made with a lot of glass without having to compromise on your privacy. Let’s take a tour.

1. Simple elegance

This building proves in an impressive way that when it comes to a modern house, glazed windows are a fantastic feature.  The glazing as well as the protruding element on the upper floor clearly emphasizes the transparency of the house. The desire for privacy can be fulfilled by drawing the blinds, which are matched perfectly to the façade, so they are more of a stylish element than a distracting factor.

2. Finished with wood and glass

In a prefab house, glazed facades can be used generously to fulfil the home owner’s desire to live in harmony with nature. This house, made of wood and glass, shows how the dream was realized, thanks to the large windows, which also serve as sliding doors on the ground floor. The borders between interior and exterior spaces can be blurred at any time by drawing the curtains.

3. A classy house made with a lot of glass

A total of 58 different window elements characterize the facade of this house made of glass. Included on the façade are glass windows in varied sizes set in a sculptural steel structure, which has been clad with black-coloured exposed concrete. Particularly interesting is the fact that the total surface area of the glass windows is more than twice as much as the house’s floor area.

4. Bungalow with huge glass windows

Private Residence, Koregaon Park, Pune Chaney Architects Minimalist houses
Chaney Architects

Private Residence, Koregaon Park, Pune

Chaney Architects

When we think of bungalows, the image of the dull buildings from the 60s should be long forgotten. A perfect example of a cool, modern bungalow is this one with floor-to-ceiling glazed windows. Only a few concrete elements break through the transparent façade and protect private spaces.

5. Two floors with uninterrupted views

To enjoy the panoramic view into the valley, the home owner wanted a house made with a lot of glass. The result was this imposing building, with its low-level windows and sliding doors that open towards the south. Once again, massive proportions in the façade ensure that neither passers-by on the road, nor immediate neighbours, can glimpse into the interior.

6. Unique glass facades

In this multi-family house, glazed windows not only function as the façade near the garden but are also fascinating and eye-catching features. Additionally, the facade has panels in different formats and in varied grey tones, which add to its stylish look. Due to the diagonal slant on the upper floor, the otherwise square shape of the windows is cut through in an impressive way.

7. Imposing glass structure

Here, we see an outstanding residential building. The large glass structure serves to expand the living space and supplements the previously rectangular building with a square floor plan. Through the completely-glazed tall, glass structure, natural light floods the interiors to redefine the concept of living in harmony with nature.

8. Modern contrast

The larger-than-life look of this concrete house is pleasantly diminished by the massive glazing. This is achieved with an almost frameless metal-glass façade, which makes the building seem much more open and comfortable. What makes the façade of this house made of glass more interesting is the slight mirroring of the glass panels.

9. An exceptional glasshouse

The greatest possible view of the garden and the surrounding nature are the stand out points of this modern house. Glazed windows over several floors as well as the colour contrast between the upper and ground floors defines the overall appearance of this residence. On the upper level, fine-grained, white plaster and a smooth, black plaster were used to frame the glass facades. In contrast, the ground floor has coarse-grained, dark grey concrete.

10. A lovely house made with a lot of glass

This house built is refurbished with generous amounts of glass in its façade to make it modern and open to the garden. Through the large panelled windows on the right, old-fashioned charm is merged with the modern design concept. Particularly impressive is the glass front, which runs over two floors, presenting a striking view of the interior.

11. Wooden house with glass

Modern, compact and ecologically sustainable – this wooden house brings natural charm into all its living spaces. Through the huge glass façade, you always live in contact with nature and can benefit from well-lit interiors. It’s no surprise that this house made with a lot of glass was designed primarily as a small holiday home for the sole purpose of relaxation!

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