6 Minimalist living room ideas

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The hallmark of any home, a living room is place to relax and unwind after a long day. Uncluttered and bright, a minimalist living room embodies the phrase less is more. The living room reveals a homeowner's style and personality to the guests. A space for expression, the living room can be decorated with pieces of art, a sleek entertainment unit, a plush fur rug, and statement furniture. A minimalist living room blends textures, light, and clean lines to bring freshness and elegance to the home. Simple yet stylish, these 6 living room ideas make minimalism shine. 

Neat and sleek

Wide windows with opaque curtains, wooden furniture, and intricate floor lamps add refinement to this living room. The living room is dominated with shades of brown and beige for a classic style. With few pieces of furniture, this minimalist living room offers well-ventilated space for family gatherings and other occasions. 

A touch of golden opulence

Sophisticated and streamlined, this living room combines art decor with neat, low furniture for a distinct style. An L-shaped sofa with decorative cushions give the room a sleek touch. Three statement light fixtures rest above a coffee table and lush rug, bringing out the shades of gold, beige, and white in the living room. This living room is designed with a clutter-free concept, giving the home a spacious feel. 

Let there be light

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Add elaborate decor accents to the living room for an exclusive style. An intricately designed vertical lighting stand gives the living room the drama and pizzazz. Double ceiling lights, modern lampshades, or wall lights are perfect adornment accessories for the living room. Not only do they bring light into the room, they also accentuate the decor and style of your home. 

A cosy affair

Comfort and subtlety are significant elements of a great living room. A large cushioned sofa with an armchair face the entertainment unit, letting you unfurl after a hard day's work. The French windows let in the light to give the room a dash of charm with a relaxed ambience. You can get further inspiration from Balan & Nambisan Architects for minimalist and snug home interiors. 

A bold statement

Neon-coloured cushions, statement lampshades, and wall mounted entertainment units enhance the exclusivity of the living room. Though minimalist living rooms focus on neutral shades, a pop of colour beautifies the space. The wooden flooring gives the living room a classic touch and intensifies the splendor. Refurbish the room with bright shades and ornamental pieces for an individualistic style.

Geometrical style

An entertainment unit is a crucial part of a living room. The unit complements the decor of a living room with style and a clutter-free space. It offers space for a television or an array of books. The entertainment unit helps you organize your accessories creatively and efficiently, without compromising on the symmetry of the living room. For more examples on living room tips have a look at this idea book on small living room tips.

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