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When it comes to modern architecture, there’s nothing as timeless as houses with flat roofs. It is no wonder that they are making a noticeable comeback in contemporary residences. The innovative designs of modernist experts usually include the timeless elegance of flat roofs.

When you design modern houses, flat roofs are not just an aesthetic feature. They have practical properties that make them a sought-after model for many home owners. The upper floor becomes ideal for living, as there is no slanted roof. Additionally, it brings numerous possibilities such as terrace gardening, which have positive effects on the environment and improve the energy balance of the house. Since you can use the flat roof as a garden, it is an advantage, especially for houses built on small plots with limited space for a garden at the ground level.

Now, isn’t that reason enough for us to present 20 houses with flat roofs today? Let’s have a look at 20 flat-roof houses that you might wish you could move into immediately!

1. Modern design for a large family

With seven bedrooms and large living areas, this house is a fine example of a multi-storey flat roof house that offers its residents a high degree of luxury and functionality.

2. Futuristic architecture

Many flat roof houses inspire with their perfect combination of minimalism and luxury. In this example, you can see a house with open, spacious rooms, which offers a fantastic view of a beautiful wooden terrace deck with a pool.

3. Flat roof with bevels

Surrounded by unspoiled nature, this dream flat roof house combines natural charm with innovative design. The slope of the roof, the open spaces and a small veranda in front of the house all add to its charm.

4. Luxurious wooden house

This model shows that wooden houses too can combine comfort and luxury. The natural charm of the house is perfectly complemented by its modern design, including a flat roof.

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5. Modern family home

With its innovative cubic shape and two-storey structure, this house impressed us. Through the front windows, you have not only a fantastic view, but also a bright and welcoming ambiance.

6. Tradition meets modernity

Those who love to combine traditional and modern materials will surely like this flat roof house. The combination of wood and other elements of modern architecture complements each other perfectly.

7. Perfect modern elegance

Nest - Private residence at Koregaon Park, TAO Architecture Pvt. Ltd. TAO Architecture Pvt. Ltd. Modern houses
TAO Architecture Pvt. Ltd.

Nest—Private residence at Koregaon Park

TAO Architecture Pvt. Ltd.

Spread over a large plot, this flat roof house has a luxurious atmosphere. Elegant glass elements on the terrace and refined lighting bring out the best of the house.

8. Idyllic life amid nature

A flat roof house made of wood is particularly suitable for living in the middle of nature. In this model, a variety of woods have been used, which harmoniously combine into a charming unit.

9. For minimalists

For a house with a flat roof, one often does not need more than one floor, because the rectangular construction offers sufficient space for all rooms. Due to the glass on the front facade, all the rooms have a bright ambience and the residents, a beautiful view!

10. House overlooking a pool

Dr Rafique Mawani's Residence, M B M architects M B M architects Minimalist houses
M B M architects

Dr Rafique Mawani's Residence

M B M architects

In this example, we can see that an individual element can become a highlight. The various areas of the house are arranged around the pool, which is visible from each room.

11. Nature and innovation

A perfect symbiosis, this house has a modern structure in the shape of a cube, which is built with traditional wood. It’s a charming flat roof house design for nature lovers.

12. A house with individuality

Cascade House - Single Family House in Bürstadt, Germany, Helwig Haus und Raum Planungs GmbH Helwig Haus und Raum Planungs GmbH Modern houses
Helwig Haus und Raum Planungs GmbH

Cascade House—Single Family House in Bürstadt, Germany

Helwig Haus und Raum Planungs GmbH

One look at this house and the design of its flat roof will astonish anyone. Individual areas were redesigned with a cascade structure, and a bright ambience is prevalent throughout the indoors due to the abundance of natural light invited in through windows in every room.

13. Inspired by the Bauhaus movement

Featuring a minimalist design, with aesthetics reminiscent of the Bauhaus school, this house is perfect for those who prefer clean lines and classic colours.

14. Contemporary cubism

Besides the extravagance of its cubic shape, this house offers the maximum privacy to its residents, thanks to its narrow windows.

15. Play with opposites

This modern house’s flat roof structure creates an exciting contrast between the Mediterranean landscape and contemporary architecture. The narrow windows facing the street ensure optimal privacy, while in the remaining part of the house, the residents enjoy a unique, uninterrupted view of the landscape.

16. Another lovely modern family home

A flat roof house in which the whole family feels good can be seen in this example. Numerous windows allow for a bright ambiance in the living spaces, while a cosy garden with a pond provides ample space for relaxation and play for both the adults and the children.

17. Flat roof house with terrace pool

On this roof terrace, enjoy the sun and take a refreshing dip in the pool; with this flat roof house, the owners have created a true wellness oasis!

18. Double-storey modern living

This flat roof house impresses with its cubic shape and modern design, featuring generous windows with a wonderful view of the garden.

19. A masterpiece of modernity

In the middle of a green oasis this flat roof house with its cubic shape and anthracite-coloured facade is the eye-catching highlight.

20. Flat roof house with retro charm

A house with flat roofs does not always have to be modern or innovative—even a plain brick building with a retro look can be charming.

Which of these houses would you like to move into immediately? Respond in the comments.

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