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Ah the bedroom! The one place where your dreams dilly dally with the characters in your head leaving you wanting more. It's the one place where you can unwind and relax, forgetting about the perils of the day that has been, only to wake up the following morning, refreshed with a youthful vigor to take on the day up ahead. In this full cycle of life, it's important to keep the surroundings of your bedroom neat and tidy. One way of doing so is with shelves to keep things organized. Here are 14 ways for you to incorporate shelves in the bedroom

1. Spectacular ledges

This bedroom takes innovation to a whole new level with ledges to elevate the bed. There are also ledges on the wall that aren't uniformly distributed, so you can be as messy as you like with this shelf, and no one will hold that against you!

2. An organized wall unit

If you are in grave need of organizing your bedroom, then install shelves in this fashion to keep your room looking neat and tidy. Pick out wood of your choice, preferably the same kind as the furniture in your room.

3. Bright shelves to make a statement

For bedrooms that have two or more beds, one great way to separate them is with shelves. You could pick out simple shelves in a bright color to deck the walls.

4. Asymmetric shelves

Shelves on either side of the walls of your bedroom need not be the same as this image displays. A pop of color should do the trick if uniformity in color and dynamism in furniture is what you seek.

5. Modern vibrant shelves

A black backdrop can be used to make shelves of just about any color you like. If you are looking to make a loud, bold statement, then shelves like these should do the trick fro you.

6. Shelves for the study

For rooms that have a study, a shelf can be fixed in so that all that you require is right where you need it to be.

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7. Right above the headboard

To save space you can create shelves above the headboard. This adds a unique and elegant touch to the bedroom. Try picking out shelves that complement the furniture that prevails in your room. 

8. Shelves everywhere

For maximum utilization of the space made available to you, construct shelves in every nook and cranny you can find. Your very own personalized bookshelf could run along the ceiling of your house if you're up for it!

9. Minimalist

For those of you who want a shelf to be a shelf and nothing more, then here you go! A single slab against a wall to place artifacts of your choice

10. Simple slabs

Rather than constructing an entire shelf, you could line up slabs of wood against the wall to act as shelves. Simple and elegant.

11. Dynamic shelves

Multipurpose shelves can work in an environment where you require shelves for multiple functionalities such as a dressing table as well as a shelf for the study.

12. Uneven distribution

Boxes of wood cut out to store your valuables could also be a nice choice for a modern room such as the one seen in this image. The best part about this design is that you can play with shapes and sizes according to your need. 

13. Picture perfect

Rather than hanging up paintings all over the wall, place them on a simple ledge that hovers over the headboard. From pictures to photo frames, just about anything can make its way here. 

14. Back to the basics

Simple shelves that are embedded within a cavity in the wall can also make their way into your bedroom if you like.

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