9 pictures of L-shaped modular kitchens for Indian homes

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L-shape in the kitchen works best for small to medium kitchen space. These kitchens need thoughtful planning to keep it organized and clutter-free. This is where the modular kitchen comes to play and contributes to the beauty and functioning of the kitchen. Modular kitchen have revolutionized the design of kitchens all over the world. It elevates the look of the kitchen and transforms it into a modern and contemporary space. The scope to show the creativity amplifies in L-shaped kitchen. The cabinets can be designed complementing the shape of kitchen and it looks fabulous and trendy with its open space.

We the Homify professionals believe that L shaped kitchen is perfect for the people who love to entertain the guests. The triangular layout creates the space for multiple cooks and still has sufficient space to mingle with family and friends during dinner or cocktail parties. Take a tour of amazing ideas of L-shaped modular kitchen that we have brought for you and get inspired. Let’s begin the journey!

1. Maximum utilization of the space

The size of the kitchen doesn’t deter our designers from creating a perfect space for you. Every inch of the space has been thoughtfully used so that there is more than sufficient storing space. The added bonus here is the perfectly coordinated colour of the kitchen. It is fabulous!

​2. A stunning corner

A corner cut into a kitchen and then designed to make it look stunning! Stay connected with the world and your home while working in this beautiful kitchen. The use of different materials and style on the floor and wall cabinets looks very modern and contemporary.

3. Boxes on the wall

We can take liberty to use a complete wall for cabinets and dedicate one wall for a large window to keep the kitchen shining with natural lights and cool with fresh air. The box shape cabinets of the wall look interesting and beautiful. The handle-free floor cabinets are designed depending on the requirements and convenience.

4. Symphony in the kitchen

A beautiful space freshens up the mood instantly and work will not just be a chore anymore. This kitchen is exactly what I want to convey. The clean cut, subtle colour and sufficient storing space is a perfect example of beauty and comfort. Be a helper or sit on the breakfast table while chatting and enjoying the time together.

​5. The smoothness of wood and glass

The classic combination of wood and glass will never go out of fashion. The handle-free cabinets look modern and clean. Frosted glass is an amazing idea in the kitchen as it diligently hides the shelves behind and still you can see what is stored inside. The colour of mosaic tiles soothes the nerve and lift up the cool quotient of the kitchen.

6. Cosy little warmness

It is a small comfortable kitchen with sufficient storage and a great colour coordination that defines the warm personality of the homeowner. What to say more about this kitchen? The writing on the wall says it all!

​7. The flawless work triangle

The inbuilt oven, the floor and wall cabinets, some closed and some open, some in solid wood and some of fragile glass, sturdy steel handles, the corner cabinet designed to unfold for your comfort and white flawlessly blended with the walnut colour; it’s mesmerizing.

​8. Welcoming with an open arm

The openness of this kitchen welcomes you with an open arm. The light and dark contrast of the floor and wall cabinets is creating theatre that is being complemented by the beautiful painting on the wall and pendant lamps visible from the kitchen.

​9. Synchronize it with vastu shastra

According to the Vastu shastra, there should be maximum distance between fire and water in the kitchen. L-shape of the kitchen allows to place the sink and stove in different platform thus complying with the rules of vastu. Splash it with colour to bring positive energy into the space.

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Where to place the refrigerator in an L shaped modular kitchen

Unless you have a large area for the kitchen, the L-shaped layout sometimes presents a challenge in terms of the placement of essential appliances, especially the refrigerator. Like with other modular kitchen design, Indian professionals try to follow the triangular placement of the stove, sink and refrigerator. Therefore, the best place for the fridge is at the end of one of the arms of the L.

Optimising space in an L shaped kitchen design

The corner or elbow of the L shaped counters presents the challenge of providing accessible storage and organisation. While custom-built units such as corner drawers and cabinets, as well as in-cabinet fittings such as swing-out systems, work well, they are an expensive proposition. Instead, a simple solution, like in this kitchen, with open shelves for storing cooking ingredients and spices, can be an affordable yet effective alternative.

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What do you think about these L-shaped modular kitchen? Did you find your dream kitchen here? Write to us.

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