21 planter ideas to brighten up your home entrance

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There are many areas in the house, which we often ignore or neglect. The entrance, the hallway, the corridor etc need special mention in this regard. These are considered as the edge of the house and are mainly referred to as the passage sites in the property. Whenever you or your guests pass through this area in the house, some sort of communication with the property is established through these areas. After you return back home after a hard and tiring day at work, it is the entrance and the corridor that welcomes you!

You might not have noticed that when the corridor and entrance of your house depict abandonment, disinterest and loneliness – the whole house seems to be uninviting. Bring some life to these areas in the house and what better way to do that than planting colourful and lovely flower beds and flower pots. Mentioned below are some amazing planter ideas, which can make the entrance and corridor of the property truly attractive:

1. Corner boards and steps

Concentrate on the corner boards and steps in the entrance of the house. Use cheap brick planters to house attractive and colourful looking plants and add to the rustic charm of the place exceptionally well. The plants are arranged in the most immaculate manner for that perfect look. Special mention needs to be made of the stepped walker, which has unique pattern and design. The flat and earthy design defines the place very well.

2. Square designs

If you thought square designs are boring, you are mistaken. This is a really cool planter design idea that will transform the way your house looks. Square planters look extremely stylish, particularly when clusters of square planters are built. This arrangement in the hall makes the place look phenomenal and balanced with geometric dimensions. On the whole, this design and pattern gives the hallway a dynamic appeal.

3. Planters on the wall

If you do not have any space in the front of the entrance for some planters, do not worry. There is an easy solution to the problem. Make some space on the walls where you can decorate with planters. Keep the planting to minimum so that it does not look congested and cluttered, but you still have some greenery right at the entrance of the property.

4. Use the floor in the hallway

If you are lucky in having a long entrance and hallway, take some space out on one of the sides and use it as a planter. The biggest benefit of this kind of arrangement is that you can plant many small and medium plants in the planters. Walking by the side of the planter will be a great experience for you as well as for the visitors of the house.

5. Planters with no separate porch

This amazing planter design looks simply fantastic. There is no separate porch in this house. The planters are constructed with the same material which is used in making the house and looks like an integral part of the same. Made of different sizes and shapes, these planters enhance the exterior appearance and appeal of the house considerably.

6. Flower pots

If there is no option of construction of planters in your house, you can try using flower pots instead. Available in different shapes and sizes, you can place pots in different manners as per the décor of the house exteriors. While some pots look good when placed in a straight line; some look good when arranged in a different pattern.

7. Replacement washers

This is one of the most interesting ways of decorating the entrance of the property. Making well defined runners on the side of the entrance is important for this. The runners should be decorated and designed around the vegetation, which already exists.

8. Side planters

If you want to keep things simple yet attractive, try this method. Place two medium to large planters on both sides of the entrance. The entrance not only looks green and fresh but imparts a welcoming feel as well.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

9. Light up the plants at night

You might have a lovely long planter by the side of the entrance and it looks great. But during night, the place will look dark. What to do? Install luminaries on the ground; down below the planters so that there is mild lighting in the planter area. It looks excellent!

10. Wooden wonders

Wood is a natural ingredient and when it is used as a planter for the entrance, it looks excellent. The natural wooden hue makes the planter look really attractive, particularly when colourful plants are planted inside the same.

11. The combination of stairs and planters

If you have to climb few stairs to reach the house entrance, try installing a planter at the upper end of the stair just before the entrance. The amount of greenery that you plant there should not be much so that a proper balance is maintained.

12. Simple cement planters

You might already have plants in your garden or in the entrance way to your house. You might just need to create planters to make the place look more sophisticated. Make small cement altars in quadrangular form in a way that the plant should be right in the centre.

13. Making way to the entrance

If you have plants on both sides of the entrance, let them be like that. In fact, work on the walkway or the entrance path. Paved floors look wonderful with well patterned plants on both the sides. This plan looks great on rustic as well as in contemporary settings.

14. Floating planters

If you want to keep ground space free, floating planters are a great choice. Created at an elevated level, these planters create a different impact altogether. This system works excellently when the entrance way is narrow. Also this helps in keeping the floor damage free.

15. Double planters

How about creating a double planter at the entrance or along the corridor? Instead of putting all your favourite plants in a single planter, why not use two different planters to spruce up the entrance to your home? With this setup, more space is utilised and it looks all the more attractive and engaging. Feel fresh with the greenery right at the very entrance of your home.

16. Inclined planter

If you have some inclined area in your house, use it wisely for creating planters with cement, stone, bricks etc. These inclined planters look original and extremely natural and this enhances the appeal of the place by several manifolds.

17. Planter – sitting area – planter

How about sitting with a cup of steaming coffee and your favourite book in hand amidst the planters? The connection of the main door with the corridor is important for this setup. In fact, you can give the area the feel of a lobby when you can make sitting area with colorful cushions amidst two large planters.

18. Greenery for comfort

The combination of comfort and greenery is the main USP of this setup. The planters are scattered and hence there is no flow of greenery. And this scattered look gives the whole place a highly impressive look and appearance.

19. Stairways surrounded by plants

Stairways surrounded by vegetation always look good. The vegetation can be on both sides or on a single side in planters. The planters can be continuous in a row or in segmented manner. You can play with planters of different sizes to achieve a spectacular look. Or pick planters in different colours based entirely on the design.

20. Road between thick vegetation

People who love thick vegetation are sure to admire this setup. For this you will need to use large planters, even bigger and broader than the corridor or entrance way. The lush vegetation will create a forest like impact, which is interesting.

21. Wall and planter

How about turning the wall into a planter? This sounds interesting for sure. Some of the plants in the planter can be climbers too and they can fall down on the wall creating a romantic effect.

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Which of these amazing planter ideas appealed to your most? Share your comments below.

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