Cold outside? Get an outdoor fireplace!

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If the biting cold in the chilly winter months is keeping you indoors, its time you bring home an outdoor fireplace. They come in different sizes, designs and capacities. You can be sure you are not investing in something absolutely redundant. An outdoor fireplace is ideal for those house parties which you had to shift indoors because of the cold weather outside. If you have a well-tended lawn or a patio that has to sit idle during the winter months, when all the parties take place inside the house, then an outdoor fireplace can solve this problem. Also, you may not be a party person at all and you like to keep to yourself or prefer to spend quality time with your immediate family. A portable outdoor fireplace, in that case, would suffice for a small group. Let's explore some of the coolest fireplace options with homify.

For big fires

If you are planning to have a big outdoor fire, make sure that the surroundings sync well with it. The size of the yard matters a lot while making a choice for an outdoor fireplace. Big fires are pleasant if you have enough space to accommodate them. It can effectively turn your yard into a party area even during the cold winter months. It can be attached to the house or built nearby on an adjoining patio, yard or a deck, according to the convenience. The exterior of the fireplaces are typically built with concrete, limestone, brick or flagstone. You can benefit from a large outdoor fireplace even if the parties are not too frequent at your place. You can simply sit by its warmth and light and relax with your family.

For design lovers

An outdoor fireplace should suit the design of your house. You can follow the architectural style of your own house and build it to fit into its surroundings. Outdoor fireplaces can be built in square, rectangular, oval or even in a round shape. You can lend a distinct shape to the chimney and the firebox opening as well. The chimney can be a long rectangular shape or be tapered towards the opening. You can use wrought iron, decorative tiles, or other features like an extended hearth and a mantle for a customised fireplace.

The open fireplace design shown above has been designed by Path Architecture, architects in Portland, USA for their project Laurelhurst Carriage House.

Take it with you

Outdoor fireplaces can come in handy sizes as well and not necessarily be large, requiring a lot of space. You can opt for a portable fire place like the one shown in the picture above. These type of fireplaces are lighter and smaller in size but come in different designs and capacities. You can keep one of these at the centre and make a sitting arrangements around it. Once you are finished, you can put it aside for later use. This type of fireplace offers heat on the go and is very efficient. They are well designed to serve their purpose to the fullest. Some of the designs are also suitable for indoor use. You can even carry them with you to a different place and enjoy the same warm essence of sitting by the warmth of a fireplace. Thus, you can use a portable fireplace for a small gathering at your home or take it with you to a friend’s place as well. 

Something different

Like a pool or an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor fireplace adds value to your home design and it is a popular feature which is being opted by a number of homeowners these days. Homeowners looking for a concept that would not only set their luxury houses apart from others but, also add value to it, would adore an outdoor fireplace for sure. You can try out new design models and make the fireplace cosier and more pleasant. You can use a tall chimney for your stone clad fireplace or a wooden corner fireplace which can be easily accommodated within a small space. You can also use colour innovatively to give the fireplace a distinct feature.  An outdoor fireplace gives you countless opportunities to apply your imagination and creativity, to make your house even more beautiful.

Create a cosy space

The thought of a fireplace on a winter evening gives a pleasant feeling. Installing an outdoor fireplace in the yard or patio makes it comfortable for rewinding yourself by the fire, or to call for a get together that would not be out off by the cold. A large fireplace can ideally imbibe a sense of privacy and comfort to the people around it. You can place comfortable couches or chairs with soft cushions nearby where you can sit and enjoy the warmth from the blazing fire. Fireplaces can also serve as an excellent outdoor kitchen. You can utilize it for a barbecue and prepare delicious smoked food like smoked chicken, fish, and vegetables or roast marshmallows. You can also cook bread over the flames to make it crisp and delectable. Turning the fireplace into an outdoor kitchen is yet another way of making the most of your investment.

Use it as a room divider

Modern fireplaces are often used as a room divider. The fireplace can be set in the middle of a room, creating a space that can be used for a different purpose. It can also be constructed on the outer wall of a room that faces the backyard or the deck, and be turned into a two sided fireplace that can be enjoyed from both outdoors or indoors. Building an outdoor fireplace by yourself would be time consuming and call for a lot of patience. Once you have secured the permit to build the fireplace and decided on where to build it, you can go ahead with the next steps. First, you will have to excavate the area and then pour the footings into it. Next steps are, building the base and the firebox. Once you are done with the firebox, get on with the shaft that connects the firebox to the flue. After setting up the chimney build stone walls around it to give it a proper shape.

To get more ideas like this, take a look at this ideabook: A home straight from the heavens 

Do you have yet another fireplace idea on mind? Let us know in the comments below.

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