​How to gain more space in a small kitchen?

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If you have a tiny kitchen and you are going crazy squeezing all your cooking accessories in a single rack, then here we are to help you make your small kitchen look as organized, and feel like it was a big kitchen. A small kitchen is a common for small home owners in India, apartment dwellers and urbanites. If every inch of the kitchen is utilised cautiously, only then you can prevent your kitchen from looking messy. This article is a boon for those who spend more time in the kitchen than in any part of the house. For people who find their passion in cooking, this space is no less than a temple. Now it’s time to stop using your kitchen for merely storing wine bottles or for food reheating but in fact, use it for cooking delicious meals and spending quality time in it.

Small size appliances

Try installing a two or three set burner stove rather than four set ones. Moreover, you can stack up your cooking accessories at the bottom of racks or cabinets as this is the space which usually goes waste. Appliances that you do not use everyday like the bread toaster, pancake maker, mixer can also be stored there and taken out whenever required. It is suggested that you buy appliances that are small, like a two bread toaster or a small pot mixer to gain more space. Avoid stacking up appliances which you can manage without, such as a rice maker, tea or coffee maker etc. Food items such as rice and tea can be easily cooked on gas stove or in a microwave. These compact appliances are in great demand. A small refrigerator can store as much as you require and does not even take up much of your space. Beyond making your small kitchen look organized, these compact appliances are good from an environmental perspective as well.


There are various ways in which you can make space for your cooking accessories. If you don’t have enough cabinet space, then consider hanging your essentials on a hook or stacking them up in a basket. You can also make use of stackable shelves or get a pantry to keep all the utensils. All you need to do is, get a carpenter to get it fixed on the wall. In case you have cabinets, make use of the space above it. You can mount your stuff there as well. Foils, folders, cookery books can be kept in a pouch inside the cabinet. Use tension wires to hang cutting boards to save some space on the shelf. If you do not have much space to keep your vegetables, put them in the oven when not in use.

Small articulated spaces

Utilising unused spaces is an art and when you are trying to make use of your small kitchen as much as possible, this creative skill is going to come in handy. Here are a few ways in which you can make use of spaces that have been left out. An unused corner can be used to install a sink. And if you have more such corners left out, you can hang pot rails which can be used for storing fruits and vegetables. In case you have a sitting area in your kitchen, consider purchasing a bar height table for more counter space which can be used for storing things. If you have an area left out above your sink, you can use it as dish drainer. And the area left out below the sink can be used as a bin. Moreover, you can put a dispenser under your sink for trash bags to make use of space.

Standing kitchen furniture

Till date, cooking has been a standing job which we never realized. A standing kitchen is the most accepted one as it makes your work easier and also keeps your kitchen neater. A contemporary kitchen employs burners on the counter and cabinets made above or below the counter to store utensils and item is widely in use. But to remodel your kitchen and to give it a modernized look, standing kitchen furniture like the one shown in the picture above comes as a great option. This is a steel cabinet designed by The Plate Rack, furniture and accessories professionals in UK. Wall shelves are the most common fixture available in the Indian market. A rolling cart is another new way to store your things. This portable furniture moves wherever you want to take it. For sinks, you can consider installing articulated faucets. It can bend as much as you want to accommodate the largest of the utensils. 

Foldable furniture

Foldable kitchen furniture is in great demand these days. Functional items for small kitchen like folding chairs which can be used whenever you want to sit in front of the counter while cooking is a perfect example. Similar foldable ottoman or footstool fixtures can be bought to reach things kept at a height. This furniture would have otherwise occupied a lot of space. Not all kitchens are big enough to have their utensils hanging or kept side by side. For such kitchens, there are various home solutions offered by modular kitchen stores. There are cabinets which accommodate almost all your utensils and they can be pushed inside the wall or the counter giving a neat look to the kitchen.

Make it as cosy as your living room

A house wife spends more than half of her time in the kitchen. So, try making it a comfortable space for her. Adding comfortable chairs and tables which she can make use while chopping vegetables or for other various other activities is one way to make your kitchen a cosy space. Have good lighting in the kitchen. Put a small tape recorder or music system in the kitchen which she can play while cooking. This will make her regular cooking job more enjoyable. Warm kitchen decor will make the kitchen a welcoming space for everyone. If the person has a deep passion for cooking, hang posters of ingredients or make the kitchen look inspirational with recessed panel walls and cabinets. For a person who loves watching television, the kitchen should be remodeled in a way that the person is able to view the television while cooking. This brings in a level of comfort similar to the living room right inside your kitchen.If your kitchen is a comfortable space to cook; imagine the taste of the food cooked in there!

Hope you have assimilated many new ideas of creating extra space in your kitchen. Here's another interesting ideabook on a home tour titled A home exploding with luxury. 

Have more ideas to get rid of space crunch in the kitchen? Do let us know in the comments below.  

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