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15 ideas to help renovate your hallway

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Anyone who's looking to renovate their hallway can find respite in this ideabook as we uncover ideas that are going to leave you spellbound. Small tweaks in your existing home could make all the difference in the world and if you're looking to construct your interiors from scratch, then this ideabook works just as well! 

1. Wood

Use wood and maybe some flowers to deck your hallway. You could line the ceiling with lights to create a warm cozy aura that will descend on anyone who walks by.

2. A garden

Wouldn't it be lovely for passers by to get a glimpse of nature when they walk past your hallway? With an indoor garden, you could do just that by the stairway, or any place where space suffices. 

3. With art

Art is welcomed just about anywhere and the same goes with the hallway or entrance. A simple portrait against a brick wall could be the perfect picture indeed.  

4. Mirrors

Another way to make your hallway come to life is with mirrors that would not only leave the space looking much larger, but also add a touch of modernity. 

5. All shelved up

Penthouse, Zurich Studio Frey Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Studio Frey

Penthouse, Zurich

Studio Frey

Stick to dual colors such as blue and brown for the entire hallway. Add in shelves and portraits to display up in the hallway. You could also make a library out of your hallway if you like. 

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6. Colors

The right choice of colors could work wonders for your hallway. Not just that, the elements you choose could widely affect the overall look of the area. A simple black backdrop against a wooden bench and a purple showpiece would make your hallway stand out.  

7. Pay attention to the texture

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Últimos trabajos


Something as simple as a brick wall enclosed in a white casing with pebbles at its foot can make for the ideal hallway. A polished wooden floor to contrast it would add the right amount of charm to your home. 

8. A coalition of elements

For those of you who are bound by space constraints look to the meticulous use of elements to divide spaces in your home. You could separate the spaces with furniture, curtains or any element of your liking.  

9. Beach vibes maybe?

Trunks of wood running vertically against frosted glass could create an airy beach like presence. Finish off with some potted plants maybe, or showpieces to bring out the best in your home. 

10. Opulence redefined

If grandeur ever meant anything to you, then we're sure that you would take a liking to this home. Lined with lights and carpets of a single hue this hallway redefines hallways in their entirety. 

11. Home gallery

To intrigue passer's by or maybe take them en route the historical path, you could line up artifacts in this manner. Create a story, or a random mishmash of facts- the choice is up to you. 

12. A narrow isle for the sacred

In a narrow isle, you could create a temple maybe or a common theme such as tribal art that is depicted in this picture. Stick to a given set of colors to recreate a concept to your liking. 

13. A wall unit

Wall units that have been shaped in a particular manner such as this could make it to your hallway if you're game! From trophies to showpieces, the center stage is all yours to take. 

14. Vases

Vases are another great way to decorate the hallway. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all of which could work very well together. Pick out the right colors and you are good to go. 

15. Check, mate

Let's shift focus to the floor of the hallway as this picture so beautifully manages to do. A simple play on black and white could make a world of a difference. 

16. Carpets

Last, but definitely not the least you could opt for the age old carpet for an added change. Lamps along the way to lead the way- it's back to the basics with this one. 

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What does your hallway look like?
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