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9 materials for your roof top

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The rooftop is often one of the most overlooked areas in a home as the norm tends to focus on the interiors. While you may have forgotten about your roof top, homify hasn't! Here are nine materials to coat your roof with. 

1. A combination of brick, glass and steel

Encompassing a larger number of materials into the roof would give your home more diversity. Bricked walls lined with glass and steel make for the perfect combination. You can pick the choice of  materials but be certain to pick ones that can withstand extreme climates. 

2. Wood and steel

This idea extends particularly to the terrace. Often the terrace is in need of a roof, but not one that covers the entirety of the area. A simple sheet of wooden railings enclosed in a steel casing could be just what you need if you want to soak in on some sunshine. 

3. Concrete

Concrete is an excellent choice if you are looking to replicate a sleek, contemporary, minimalist design. This roof is an amalgamation of concrete, glass and wood. 

4. Steel sheet

To recreate a modern space right on your terrace, then you can opt for steel sheet. To up the glam quotient, you could resort to lamps, bright colors or even some greenery if you like. Team it up with wooden floors and seating areas to turn it into your very own cafe.  

5. Wood

Nothing works better than wood for your roof. You are given the liberty to play with a variety of elements that come in different textures and colors. Pick out your combination and let that roof do all the talking for you!

6. Wooden beams

Wooden beams create an artistic yet cozy environment as the room for experimentation broadens. You could either go for a single type of wood or mix and match. The choice is up to you. Here's what the professionals are up to!

7. One for the ceiling

This idea essential kick off where the previous one left off. Line the ceiling of your home with wooden beams for a modern touch to your home. You could pick out furniture that matches the ceiling or contrasting ones as is seen in this image. 

8. Metallic structures

A great way to enhance the look of your patio is with metallic structures such as this. The texture and choice of material is entirely up to you. You could match the structure to the tiling of your floor, much like parts of a puzzle fitting in perfectly together. 

9. Aluminium and Polycarbonate

An aluminium backdrop against poly carbonate plates make the ideal duo for an art gallery or studio. The key lies in the colors and elements that you pick out. 

The roof's not such a simple place after all, now is it?  If the ideas in this book didn't suffice, then look here

Got any ideas to add on? Let us know! 
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