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The kitchen without doubt is the warmest part of any house. If you were to give a penny for every meeting that ends with friends, cosying up in the kitchen, one could turn into a millionaire. Chatting around the fire, while making some pasta or rummaging the fridge while waiting for the chicken to grill, these are moments we all cherish. The kitchen caters to varied needs in a very intelligent way. However, it goes without saying, that the kitchen must be orderly and in place to facilitate daily chores. Shelves are often useful to keep things in order while also serving as a decorative element.

Here are a few tips on how you can integrate different shelves into your kitchen:

1. A very basic yet useful shelf

Wood is hands down the best material to solve shelf woes in any kitchen. The rigidity it provides allows you to stack just about anything on a plain and simple shelf. The thicker the wood is the more rigid will the shelf be. However, you must use wood of lower density as the weight of the element itself can pose as a problem. If the shelf itself is too heavy, when you place decorative elements, it may simply collapse, especially if not fixed properly to the wall.

2. Kitchen ledges

Small kitchen ledges can be installed with a minimum width to carry salt and spices. You can fix rods right under them to hang hand towels, or hook up metallic utensils. This gives your kitchen a very urban feel and save space in your deep drawers.

3. Throw in a plant here and there

Install a large shelf to complement the bare basic cabinets in your kitchen and also to create more usable space. You can add a series of hooks to hang your cutlery and combine a few decorative plants to create a green theme. Herbal plants let out a beautiful fragrance and add glory to a small kitchen space. What’s more? You can pluck a few leaves and make yourself a cup of aromatic tea!

4. Placement systems

The shelves in your kitchen should be designed to withstand the weight. And, that is why it is important to attach them to the wall. There are several types of placement systems in the market that are easy and practical to assemble and guarantee solid support. From friend’s feet to small tiny metal structures that are lined together, they create a mini beam that looks plush and lets you stack bottles with ease.

5. A piece of furniture

You can undress and use a piece of furniture to recreate a practical and decorative shelf, like in the picture. Adjust some tones in the colour and you can decorate your kitchen in a really fab way. A small book case with just two rows and elongated proportions can give a small room a great makeover.

6. Shelf between two elements

You can place a shelf between two walls or furniture to give it more rigidity. Fix the sides if necessary. It is important that you ensure that the width of the shelf you pick does not overshoot that of the lateral furniture that will encase it.

7. A nice kitchen

DHV architects, propose this really cool kitchen design with wooden ceilings that beautifully contrast the white lacquered furniture. They used shelves to create a sober yet modern ambience. The walls painted in pastel shades bring out the caramel tone of the wood.

8. The feet of a friend

If you plan on using the shelves to carry heavy weight, use friend’s feet as a supportive structure. These tiny structures are metallic and found in most hardware stores. If you look around, you may also find them in wood which will seamlessly blend into your kitchen.

9. Full of shelves

A shelf can serve to store many things, right from books to spices to dishes, or anything else you wish. Use the walls of your kitchen to add shelves of different types of wood. When embedded in the walls it gives the kitchen an eclectic style, with bohemian touches.

10. Shelves Galore

You can use your imagination and ingenuity to decide the placement of the shelves in your kitchen. The shelves do not have to be horizontal, you can make vertical shelves to house bottle of wines. If you are ready to experiment, you can even go in for series of diagonals for those good ol’ wine bottles.

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