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15 Fabulous ideas to renovate the hall of your house

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The entrance of your home- the hall as the name suggests is that space that welcomes and entertains family and friends. And, thus its décor reflects your style and personality to your loved ones. Think out of the box, and let the creative juices flow. Use the hall of your house as a canvas and make It vibrant and full of life. When done up well, your hall will depict your character and of course look original and exquisite.

In this book, we present to you 15 examples of how to make your hall more welcoming and warm. Check these suggestions and make an inventory of what you have to home to help achieve these looks. Each of these ideas will help you give your hall a special and personalised feel that you will love.

Permissible divisions

Using a lattice or a plane generated by columns, is a great way to integrate the hall and living room in your house while retaining each room’s identity. You may also customize this space by coating one of the walls in the hall with stone or any other decorative material.

Wall of plaster to define access

If the space at the entrance of your home is rather broad and void of character, you can make it a more intimate and welcoming space by incorporating a plaster wall. You can use this to make a division and create a lobby, where you can throw in a mirror and console, which will add character to the new space.

Rustic and chic furniture

If you own rustic old furniture, you can use it to recreate a warm and inviting corner. Throw in table in wood and place curios and flowers atop it, to give your room a glam make over. This will add colour and life to the otherwise boring space.

Play with textures

This is minimalist style that is not just sober and neat but also elegant. A textured wall with the right lighting can create lights and shadows that are spectacular. Every time you walk past this stretch, you will be tempted to stop and admire the beauty you have created.

Put an old piece of furniture to use

Have some old furniture, you plan on disposing? Hold on! Instead, go fetch your paint brush and paint it a warm pastel colour as in the image. Pick a wallpaper that complements your newly painted chair and throw in a small matching lamp on a table beside it. Complete the look by adding a bouquet of fresh flowers and fluffy pillow that matches.

And, voila, you have a romantic lobby that is no less than delightful.

Play it bold with colours

If your character is vibrant and cheerful and you want to depict that in your room, then go wild with colours. Paint the entrance of the room with a bold colour and contrast it by adding a small sofa in white. Flower vases on the wooden shelf too can be contrasting.

Modern piece of sculpture

Just adding a piece of retro furniture will give your room a modernistic feel. Place a mirror on the wall just behind the piece of art to create a really exquisite look. You can use a range of combinations with pieces of furniture you already own. Sift through your collection and bring them into the hall as a part of your new decoration, to recreate a new and inviting atmosphere.

A mini garden

If you have a fleet of stairs at the entrance of your house, take advantage of the space under it. Throw in ornamental indoor plants in beautiful pots and sprinkle the floor under with white gravel. This will give your lobby a fresh and contemporary appeal.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

Classic console

Adding a console painted in white will stand out on a wall that you have already painted – a deep blue. You may add a mirror with a white frame and a ceramic pot in white on the console. By adding an ornamental plant, you will create harmony of colours in a small space.

Solidity and symmetry

You can use a table to spruce up your hall. This simple table says it all. It’s solid and thick design with thick bases not just support anything you want to put on it, but gives your space a true make over. However, do not go overboard in filling it up with objects. Instead, use symmetry to your advantage and place a vase in either corners and a mirror in the middle.

Combine shades of white

You can create a cosy hall that has a Victorian feel, using a sofa made of vegetable fibre, a few cushions, a carpet, vases, a shelf – all of them in different shades of white to pale grey. The beauty of this room will be doubled by letting sunshine flowing in through a big window or glass door.

Black and white

Create a strong contrast of black and white on the paintings and wall sculptures to achieve an interesting contrast. Add a dash of purple colour on the wall space of the door for an eclectic yet unique look.

Use posters

A beautiful poster at the entrance of the lobby can give out a nice message to your visitors and inspire you too. Look for a message that will inspire you and lift your spirits every time you walk into home. Place it right in front of a well-lit entrance door.

A beautiful carpet at the entrance

For a quick make over, use a carpet with detail that matches your tastes and preferences. It can be used to highlight the entrance in conjunction with a console in the wall and a mirror. This will give your guests a great impression of your house!

A large mirror

Simple, yet dramatic, a mirror that covers the whole entrance wall of the house will transform the very look of your hall. Right in the middle, add a floating shelf made of wood in black and a piece of glass in red for that Yo look.  This is a great way to renovate your hall in a tight budget.

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Which of these ideas did you like most? Which of them do you think you will use? Let us know.

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