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A pooja room is the house of god and should be decorated appropriately. Since the pooja room is considered to be the sacred center of home which brings positive energy to the house, decorating the pooja room with good luck charms and auspicious ornaments are some examples of the pooja room decoration ideas featured here.  We hope you will find some suitable ideas for your pooja room here. 

Pooja room entrance

Since pooja rooms should not be completely closed according to vastu shastra, these beautiful leaf-shaped glass bead curtains can create an elegant entrance to the pooja room. The topaz coloured beads reflect light, which is a very important element in a pooja room, thus creating a fitting entrance into the house of god. 

Good luck charms

The pooja room is considered to be the sacred center of home which brings positive energy to the house. Adding good luck charms such as this beautiful rustic style brass turtle in antique finish will shine a positive light in your home. 

This good luck charm brass turtle oil lamp is believed to be auspicious, and is suitable to be placed in the pooja room. In both vastu shastra and feng shui, placing a turtle made out of metal, wood, crystals or glass in the house brings good health and longevity to the home. The long-lived turtle is considered a divine animal as it lives like a hermit sage. 

Auspicious ornaments

The conch shell is a sacred symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism which reflects the infinite nature of our universe with its spiral pattern gradually expanding in a clock-wise direction. It is often used as a horn trumpet or wind instrument in pooja rituals, and is one of the main emblems of Lord Vishnu. 

This intricately designed antique brass conch shell magically brings the sound of the ocean to our ears, and is an appropriate auspicious ornament to be placed in a pooja room. The conch shell is a protector of life, like Lord Vishnu, and is therefore used as an auspicious ornament. 

M4Design also has some other beautiful auspicious ornaments which will make appropriate pooja room decorations.  

Pooja room wall design

Plain white walls can have a lifelessness about them which can de-energize a room, but the intricate designs on this pooja room wall with carved marble cladding gives life to white walls. This wall design seems to accentuate the colour white which is actually a very suitable colour for a pooja room wall as it resembles purity. The reflective nature of white walls may be useful to cool down a pooja room which can't afford to have the fan blowing on full swing because of the burning oil lamps. 

The simple elegance of this pooja room wall design creates a zen ambiance like that of a mandir. This stunning pooja room was designed by Hasta architects based in Bellary, Karnataka. 

Pooja room wall mural

Wall murals are a fitting idea for a pooja room as many temples are often full of wall murals. The beautiful painting of Lord Krishna and the lotus flowers has interesting details and a lovely choice of colours which energize the room. The walls have also been fitted with jalis, giving the pooja room a traditional look. 

To get more ideas on how to decorate your pooja room, have a look at 6 beautiful pooja room designs

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