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10 amazing solutions for hot summer sun!

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While we all know that comfortable seating is a must for any garden, don't overlook another vital installation: sun shades! You need to be able to retreat to a cool and shady part of your outdoor space, when the summer sun gets a little too much to handle and while your gardener might be able to create leafy respite spots, you might need to invest in some adaptable options as well! Come with us now as we give the lowdown on some of our favorite garden sun protection options!

1. A perfect sail!

Terrace sun protection doesn't get any simpler than a solo stretched awning! Weightless, understated bit very effective, this is such a winner!

2. Double the effectiveness.

Why have one awning when you can have two? Choosing a dual shade as your patio sun protection makes great sense, as larger parties of people can all be protected at once.

3. A pop of color!

Don't you go thinking that awnings have to be plain and boring! Once you know what size and shape you need, that's when the fn can really begin, with color choices! This red awning makes it feel like summer all year!

4. Not just for sun!

Let's not forget that as well as offering a little respite from the sun, awnings come in water-resistant variations too, so they simultaneously function as a rain canopy and a shade!

5. Retractable protection.

How about this for a stylish and adaptable veranda sun protection idea? Simple retracting blinds, inside a metal pergola work so well and maintain the great aesthetic.

6. The all-time classic.

No article about sun protection in the garden would be complete without mentioning the absolute classic parasol! Things have come a long way, however, as you can now choose angled and easy to erect versions! Now to mention super bright colors as well!

7. Low-hanging awnings.

This takes things to a new level! Imagine that you are enjoying some alfresco dining, when a huge rain storm hits. You can simply click a remote, unfurl the awning and have it drop down to the floor, to offer a wall of weatherproofing, as well as a roof! WOW! Great for sheltering form the sun AND the rain!

8. Phenomenal shapes.

This striking trapezoidal cloth can protect a large terrace and due to the convex lines, offers more extensive protection than conventional awnings, while not feeling too claustrophobic! Clever!

9. Roller disco!

If you like your sun protection to be there when you need it and invisible at all other times, a roller is definitely for you! Simply pull it out, use and retract again! Choose a super sunny color and the gorgeous day will be reflected, even if the sun isn't on your directly!

10. Soft and strong!

Finally, we present you an innovation in terms of garden sun protection! This is a fully electric, roll-up system that fits into a beautiful pergola that can either stand alone or lean against the house. Talk about the best of every world!

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