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Introducing the Weston Residence, a magnificent modern home designed and overseen by the renown firm of Specht Harpman. Nature is always within touching with the home being nestled within a lush valley, and is also close to the Saugatuck River which flows adjacent to the property. Due to this natural and beautiful location it was especially important for the design of the home to be at harmony with its setting. The design response from the architects was for the home engage the surrounding elements through both plan and section. The purposeful design purposefully blurs the transition and distinction between the built and natural environment. See for yourself…

Added luxury

Hiding at the rear of the property is a stunning swimming. Pictured here at night, the pool lights up with a diversity of inbuilt lighting which offers the owners the opportunity to swim at any hour of the day or night. Overall, Weston Residence offers its owners a unique home living environment which includes opportunities to live, work, and relax from the comfort of their own home. With so much on offer it's a wonder the owners ever leave!

Picture perfect

Long and linear, the home is punctuated by its modern materials and the extensive utilisation of transparent glazing. Despite being modern in both form and material, the home looks and feels at one with the surrounding environment. This was achieved in particular by the colour scheme the exterior employs. The lower half of the building is rendered in a soft grey, while above a deep blue shade was chosen for the sheet panelling which helps the house blend with the surrounding tones of the forest. The home is connect by concrete pathways that lead the owners through well maintained landscaping complete with dense planting which adds to the natural look of the home. 

All the best in design

Stepping inside, we can gather a feel for the open-plan living spaces and the overarching sense of luxury. The main living zone is comprised of a shared dining, living and kitchen areas. It's a bright and airy feel thanks to the high ceilings and the rooms hallow design. An influx of natural light floods into the room from the glazing that extends across the entire wall of the main living zone.  

Take a look in particular at the quality of the kitchen working space. It appears that no expense was spared with top of the line appliances being chosen for the serious home chef. Here, stainless steel is the material of choice for the working surfaces which gives the kitchen a professional appearance. 

Nature is only a step away

Décor within the living spaces have been kept purposefully to a minimum. This approach was reasoned by the fact that much like other glass houses, the landscape becomes the decoration for the rooms. Not to mention it's an ever changing decoration, with transparency during the day and reflectivity at night.

Comfortable family life

As with the rest of the residence, the living room keeps its focus on the minimalist décor, however, that's not to indicate that it doesn't feel homely. It really is an inviting space with a pair of comfy couches which are adorned by a number of comfy pillows and a throw blanket for those colder nights. We love the glass-backed fireplace which provides an elegant surprise and is perfect for a little extra warmth when the weather takes a turn for the worst. 

Facing the outside world

Strong links with outside spaces and panoramic views are the highlights of this homes design. No matter where occupants are in the home, they always have a strong connection to their outside surroundings. Within the master bedroom this is most noticeable where the owners are treated with arguable the best views in the house. 

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