20 ideas to make a small home look bigger

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A small home does not necessarily mean having to live in confinement. With the increase in rent in many cities, the living space has reduced considerably for a lot of people. But if you get creative, a small space could be made to look bigger with some great ideas which we present to you today. Explore them and make your small home a better place. 

1. Shelves, the saving grace

When space doesn't allow for shelves to be placed at eye level, you take things to the next level by placing them slightly beneath the ceiling. 

2. Straight lines for detail

While over the top counters or wall units might take up a good portion of your space, simple shelves that run along the walls of your home seldom do. Befriend these amazing space savers right away!

3. Mirror mirror

Don't let the lack of space be the reason for that frown of yours, turn it upside down as this reflection suggests much more than a small, simple room. 

4. Dual functionality

When time and space align for you to kill two birds with one stone, you jump on that opportunity! Make your dining table and center table one with this nice piece. 

5. Depth with wallpaper

If you're looking to create the illusion of space, then there really is not better option than wallpaper that creates the illusion of space. 

6. Segmentation of the area

One way to keep the area neat and organized, leaving you with enough room to move around is to segment the area with the use of compact furniture. 

7. Multipurpose furniture

Furniture that can act as a sofa in the living room as well a chair in the kitchen is something you can bank on when space constraints you. 

8. Neutral colors

Neutral hues when picked out work with each other in harmony as is seen in this living room. Cream and light brown colors make for the ideal pairing with neutral hued lights as the icing. 

9. Dining table selection

Picking out a smaller dining table can be exactly what you need if you do not have enough space in your home. 

10. Dividing the area

Picking out distinct furniture and colors to demarcate spaces in your home can work wonders on a small home as this image depicts. 

11. An all white ensemble

Keep things simple and minimalist with an all white design that will help you to shift focus from the lack of space in an area. 

12. Bright colors to the rescue

A bright pop of colors such as yellow or orange can make all the difference in the world as this kitchen displays. 

13. Petite furniture

PRIVATE APARTAMENT 03, PUFF PUFF Eclectic style kitchen

Cozy, tiny furniture that fits perfectly in the space available to you can be exactly what your small home needs. 

14. The coat room

Instead of having a separate coat room you could have an arrangement such as this to hang up your coats.

15. The hallway

To make your hallway one of your dreams, then opt for wallpaper such as this to bring out the best in your home. 

16. Compartmentalized furniture

A bed that folds right back into the wall can be the perfect space saver!

17. The space under the bed

The space under the bed can be utilized as a storage utility whenever needed. 

18. Accessorize

Accessorize the area so as to give a certain look and feel to the area. 

19. Vertical gardens

Gardens that run vertically can save you a great deal of space whenever needed. Get in touch with the professionals here.

20. Make use of the corners as well

The corners can be utilized by adding plants to them. 

Here are some additional ideas that can assist you. 

Which idea did the trick for you? Let us know!

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