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6 ideas to make your own DIY concrete planters

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Gardening is one great past time, and by the looks of it, more people are taking a liking to it particularly as a hobby that entails a strong connection with nature. While the world thrives to make just about anything by themselves, the term DIY has gained acceleration in comparison to the past. Today we intend on taking you on a journey that includes making pots from concrete.  

1. The base

Before you proceed to create a base made of concrete, you require a mold. For this you could use existing containers or pots made of cardboard, glass, or even plastic. Pick out two of these containers, both of the same shape, with one slightly larger than the other. Place the smaller one in the larger one and ensure that there is sufficient gap between the two. 

2. Prepping for the concrete mix

Line the inside of the containers picked out in step one with paraffin oil or any lubricant for that matter so as to ensure that the concrete doesn't stick to the containers. You are one step closer to planter concrete DIY!

3. The concrete mix

When mixing the concrete, pay close attention to your hands. Make sure that you protect your hands with kitchen gloves or regular gloves to avoid direct contact with the concrete. Mix the concrete in a bucket or wheel barrow, adding water in at regular intervals, till the right consistency is obtained. 

4. Pouring the concrete

The first thing you want to do is to pour the concrete along the inner walls of the outer container from step one. Smooth over the walls and the bottom with a spatula. Add in the next container and do the same before proceeding to add concrete in the layer separating the two containers. 

5. Wait it out

The casting molds need to be carefully wrapped in plastic and left for about 36 hours, so patience is of the essence. Test to see if the concrete has dried with a knife a corkscrew. Your concrete pot DIY is officially underway!

Professional assistance is on its way, right here

6. The final touch

Once the concrete has dried, pull out the containers carefully. Smooth the surface with sandpaper and leave it aside for a week or so. 

Hope you enjoyed this planter concrete do it yourself project. We leave you with some DIY decorating tips.

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