6 tricks to improve a room without windows

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Not always are we blessed with rooms that come well equipped with windows. For anyone who seems to let this simple fact bog them down, here's every reason for you to give up on that! Rooms without windows can work perfectly well when paired with the right decor. 

1. Wall art

Wall art can add the right pop of color to your home as is seen in this picture. Colorful wall art against a white backdrop can bring out the best in the room. 

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2. One for the closet

Closets don't exactly come pre-built with windows, but with a design as large as this one would think that it mandates. Pick out white furniture with lighter lavender hues to add a level of brightness to the area. 

3. The storeroom

Optimal lighting could turn out to be exactly what your store room is in need of. Simple bright lamps and lights can make do for the lack of natural lighting in the area. 

4. The sitting area

Artificial lighting when toys around to reflect forces of nature can do the trick for you if you are looking to add a natural touch to your home. Right by a potted plant in your home, you could place lighting in this fashion to bring out the best in your room. 

5. Accessorize

If none of the aforementioned ideas appeal to you, then here's another you could experiment with. Big bold accessories that add a touch of modernity could be all the lighting the area really needs.

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6. Bathrooms without windows

For a bathroom without windows, natural light is definitely a scarcity. This is where lighting comes into play creating the feeling of warmth. A simple paper mach wall in an off white hue coupled with nice lamps could be all the lighting you need after all.   

We're open to more ideas from the window of opportunites that you pose!

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