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Chalkboard paint ideas for your home

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Chalkboard paint is an excellent way of decorating your home in functional sort of way if you like the ideal. This magical concoction of paint allows you to paint on walls and wood surfaces to create a surface that has the same qualities as a chalkboard, so that you can draw on it using chalk. You may want to do this for decorative or functional purposes. Chalkboard paint can add an interesting addition to various parts of the home such as the kitchen, bedroom, the study, or even furniture. 

This idea guide offers several creative ideas on how to use chalkboard paint in your home. We hope you will be inspired to try some of these brilliant ideas out. Enjoy browsing through this article and leave us a comment at the end if you feel inspired. 

Shopping list for the kitchen

The kitchen is an excellent place for a chalkboard as it can serve quite a functional purpose here. For example, it could be a list of things that have run out in the kitchen and need to be bought. This way when something runs out in the kitchen, it is written down on the chalkboard, and then the shopping list for the week slowly comes together. It is a technique of home organisation which can save time and effort for everyone in the household. Generally speaking, the chalkboard can be used to write notes, whether it's related to the kitchen or food doesn't really matter. 

Chalkboard chest of drawers

Chalkboard paint can be used to paint walls as well as wooden furniture. However, the former idea seems to be more popular than the latter idea for some reason. So, if you're looking for some unique chalkboard paint ideas for your home, maybe consider painting some of your wooden furniture with chalkboard paint. Pictured here, we see a chest of drawers painted with chalkboard paint. It can be used to scribble quotes, draw doodles, or write notes. Which ever way you decide to use it, the chalkboard chest of drawers can give your home an artistic, DIY touch of its own. 

Cosy nook

Every home should have a cosy nook or a snug little corner where you can do some reading and jot down random thoughts. A place where you can go to feel re-energized and gain some motivation. Create an inspirational corner at home like the one pictured here with a library of books you love, a comfy couch, and a chalkboard wall where you can write down new ideas. We promise you won't regret it!

Kid's bedroom

The kid's bedroom is a great place for a chalkboard. Since kids love to draw on walls anyway, you might as well turn the wall into a huge chalkboard where you kids can draw to their heart's content without ruining the paint job.The chalkboard in the kid's bedroom can also serve as a brilliant educational tool for teaching and learning. The lovely kid's bedroom pictured here is designed by Design Interior Olga Mudryakova, interior architects based in Russia. 

The study

Chalkboards are great for writing down to-do lists and can be a good reminder of things that need to be done. The study or your work space should ideally have a chalkboard wall or piece of furniture for this purpose. Of course, you can write down these little reminders on your phone as well, but nothing works better than having it stare down at you in your study area. 

Sliding door chalkboard

The sliding door may be a weird place for a chalkboard, but it is also definitely unique and different. Sliding doors can create excellent dividers for the home. For example, pictured here we see a sliding door that separates the kitchen from the rest of the home. Browse through door and window designs here on homify for more inspiration and ideas. 

Artistic corner

Create an artistic corner at home by painting the walls with chalkboard paint. Pictured here, we see a cosy little window seating area created with the walls around it painted with chalkboard paint. Here you can bask in the sunshine coming through the window while you daydream and scribble some thoughts or pictures from your head on the wall. 

We hope you have found some interesting ideas on how to use chalkboard paint at home. For more related inspiration and ideas, have a look at quirky interior design

Do you have any other chalkboard paint ideas for the home? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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