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5 simple ideas for small kitchens

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More often than not, homeowners have to get creative when it comes to designing or furnishing their small and cosy kitchen. It can be frustrating to be limited by the size and layout of your kitchen, but there are ways around this. Thanks to the vast array of clever storage systems and space-saving designs on offer, a small kitchen doesn't have to be lacking. We've compiled 5 smart ideas to help you make the most of your small kitchen so that it's both functional and stylish. Take a look.

Stick to the basics

As mentioned, when you're working with a kitchen in which space is at a premium, you need to think of innovative yet simple solutions. Draw some inspiration from this quirky steel plate rack which consists of hooks, slots and shelves to help you bring your kitchen in order. Harmonise display units such as this, where you can show off your favourite crockery, with well-integrated and discreet units that keep larger kitchenware hidden away.

Segregate Kitchenwares

For larger families with joint kitchens, It becomes quite difficult to manage kitchenwares from different generations of the house. The ideal solution is to have a big steel shelf with plenty of space, where kitchenwares can be segregated and displayed based on material. Here a large steel rack is neatly organised and is not only aesthetically pleasing but extremely functional to use.

Kitchen splashback

The first rule of modern design is to keep things sleek and simple, which is exactly the approach taken to this kitchen, which is part of a contemporary family home in Notting Hill. If you have a small kitchen, white décor will make the space appear larger and more spacious. You might be worried about getting the walls or cabinets dirty when you're cooking, but the key to keeping the kitchen looking spotless is to make it easy to clean. A white splashback will protect your walls from food and steam, and it takes all but 5 seconds to clean.

Contemporary cabinets

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, you should be considering how you can maximise the storage space without sacrificing on style. For a modern kitchen, white or neutral coloured cabinets are a must. Sleek designs with discreet fixtures, or even no obvious fixtures on show, are the order of the day. Avoid patterns, carvings or dark timber when choosing your cabinets. However, cabinets with glass panels could work well as they both look modern, and help to create an illusion of space (assuming they are clutter-free and well organised!)

Picking trendy coloured furniture

If you have room for a breakfast bar, make it a focal feature of the kitchen. In a kitchen largely painted white with neutral coloured cabinets and light flooring, a pop of colour is a must. These cool and colourful chairs from My Italian Living, with seats made of polycarbonate and a base of chrome-plated steel, are a sturdy and stylish option for a modern kitchen that will beautifully frame the breakfast bar. If you're really pushed for space, there are also plenty of contemporary chairs which will stack or fold when not in use, giving you that all important extra floor space.

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