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Once upon a time when there were big homes, every room of the house had ample space for elaborate furniture. With time the size of the house shrunk and with that spacious kitchen too became a rarity. Today not everyone can afford large or sufficiently sized kitchen, but what we all can achieve is a well built, beautifully designed and comfortable kitchen. The challenges related to space constraints has made our kitchen planners think differently. To harness every inch of space available, they have come up with fantastically designed modular kitchen. Modular kitchen helps to maximize the space utilization.

The concept of modular kitchen is not new. But if you are planning to renovate your kitchen or shifting to a new home, then this ideabook with modular kitchen images is just for you. Have a look and get inspired!

1. Sparkling with colour

There are many colour options available in modular kitchen. It all depends on you whether you want to opt for mix and match or a single colour like here in this kitchen.

​2. Optimum use of the space

This is what modular kitchen is for, the maximum utilization of space so that the kitchen is organized and comfortable to work in. Here the floor and wall unit provides ample storage space. Same pattern of Formica in two different shades is looking interesting.

​3. Floor to wall

A few of us want to keep the wall at the back of the stove clean and free from any obstruction, not even a wall cabinet. But still you need storing space. A floor to wall unit is the solution. This L-shaped kitchen has floor unit with drawers that culminates into a floor to wall cabinet which also has open shelves in it.

​4. Black and white

White looks amazing with black. If the kitchen is designed around the theme of black and white, imagine how beautiful it will look and feel. But why imagine when you can have a look at the picture and see it for yourself?

5. ​Spick and span

Modern minimal DESIGN SPECIES KitchenCabinets & shelves Plywood Beige Designer,Minimal,Functional,Glossy,Sturdy,Quality,Modern,indiankitchen

Modern minimal


Hidden handle cabinets look modern and elegant. Apart from all the modern comfort this modular kitchen is perfectly designed with all the amenities, even the breakfast bar is there for quick morning bite or relaxed evening coffee while cooking dinner for the family.

6. All in one

This kitchen is a good example of all options available in modular kitchen. There is a floor unit, a wall unit and a floor to wall cabinet. The contrast in the colour of the floor and wall cabinet is perfect. Even a breakfast bar is there which can also be used as service table.

7. Small and compact

Modular Kitchen, EBEESDECOR EBEESDECOR Modern kitchen Plastic Yellow Cabinetry,Property,Furniture,Countertop,Gas stove,Kitchen appliance,Kitchen stove,Home appliance,Window,Kitchen

Modular Kitchen


The most positive thing about modular kitchen is that it can change the tiniest kitchen into a well organized, comfortable and beautiful space. Cooking will not be a chore here but a fun activity to enjoy with your spouse.

8. The magical mix and match

A beautiful blend of colours will elevate the look of the kitchen. Modular kitchen is not only about the convenience and comfort; it is also there to make your kitchen look beautiful. Go for colour combination and flaunt your love for colours.

9. Along the wall

There may be limited floor area because you need the floor for movement and to keep other kitchen essentials like refrigerator and washing machine. But the whole wall is there to explore. Take a clue from here and explore the wall for setting up your kitchen units.

10. The perfect U

The three side of the U-shaped kitchen is sufficient to design functional cabinets on the floor as well as on the wall. The middle portion of the kitchen is left clutter-free for the unobstructed movement. What I like about this modular kitchen is the way the window has been framed with the cabinets. Isn’t it amazing?

These small tricks will help you to keep your organized: 8 intelligent tricks that will keep your kitchen organized!

Tips for planning the perfect modular kitchen

Luxury 3 BHK at Adyar, Chennai, Aikaa Designs Aikaa Designs Modern kitchen
Aikaa Designs

Luxury 3 BHK at Adyar, Chennai

Aikaa Designs

When you browse through modular kitchen designs, photos often don’t present a realistic idea of whether a specific layout or arrangement will fit perfectly into your kitchen area. However, these images can serve as an excellent point of reference to help you to decide what is essential in your kitchen, or even a design-style or colour scheme that you like. During your meeting with the kitchen planner or professional who is helping to build or renovate your kitchen, you should show them the modular kitchen design images that you like as it will give them an idea of your taste and preference.

Take a look at these modular kitchen photos for more inspiration.

What do you think about these modular kitchen? Did you find your dream kitchen here? Write to us.

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