Creating a Bohemian Style in the Bedroom

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To be bohemian is to create your own style. The word ‘bohemian’ was first used in France in the early nineteenth century to describe people leading non-traditional lifestyles who identified themselves as unorthodox. At this time it was often used to describe writers, actors, journalists, and musicians who snubbed tradition to create a style of their own. When it comes to creating a bohemian style, it is all about making a unique statement, a style that is non-traditional and unorthodox like the bohemian artists of the nineteenth century. Bohemian cannot be defined as it is different for every individual. It is personal, creative, colourful, reflective and emotional. It is combining the concert tickets that remind you of someone special with a flower you received and a favourite sketch to create a work of art. It is about a favourite photo and a special moment. One of the best places to flaunt your bohemian style is the bedroom. homify has found 6 great ways to create your own bohemian style in your bedroom. Let us take a deeper look…

Sit Back and Relax Like a Hippie

The bohemian artists were one of the first social movements that openly declared their defiance of tradition. In the 1960s the flower power, hippie movement continued this defiance. The hippies of the 1960s believed in peace, love and a colourful lifestyle.  They also believed in self expression. You can bring this style into your bohemian bedroom by adding a splash of colour, plenty of art and a hammock. Hammocks are the ultimate symbol of a free spirit. Modern Hammocks come in a variety of different types. This hammock is a chair hammock that hangs from a single point from the ceiling. Other hammocks that do not require ceiling support come with their own frame. Be bold in your bohemian bedroom design, choose a hammock in a bright and bold colour, and chill out like a hippie.

Bold Hues and Rich Textiles

A bohemian bedroom is a place where you can feel comfortable and secure. It is a place that is warm and inviting. One way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere is to incorporate a variety of textiles. By adding cushions, pillow and blankets to a design you can bring softness to an otherwise hard design. This bedroom uses textiles in its design to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. This bedroom uses the rich, bold hues of red, pink and orange to create warmth. This is used not only in the textiles, but is supported by the warm coloured wall behind the bed. Consider using rich tones in your bohemian design to bring warmth to the design. These textiles are made by Tbary Le Lay of France.


When creating a wonderful, magical bohemian atmosphere for your bedroom it is important to consider not only the practical elements of the design, but also the more aesthetic. For a completely warm and cosy atmosphere good lighting is essential. Instead of one central ceiling light illuminating the entire room, consider using floor lamps, table lights or candles. By placing a collection of candles in a corner it can create a point of focus and a cosy corner. Use a small lamp pointed at a wall or ceiling to create a soft luminance around the room. Lights with shade in different patterns can be a great way to introduce atmosphere into a room. These lights are a great example. The lamp covers are have a distinctive detail pattern, creating a wonderful pattern of light and shade on the walls of the room. These lamps were made by Amun Best of Orient in Germany.

Bright Moroccan Style Accent

Morocco is a country situated in the north of Africa. The country has a rich cultural heritage, with influences from the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Their interior design reflects this rich heritage. It is based on detailed decorative pieces and rich bold colours. This style is a wonderful addition to any bohemian bedroom design. Consider incorporating a Moroccan style rug into the room. The rich, warm colours can brighten up a plain, dull room. Add a selection of bright coloured cushions to your bed to create an area of interest. This mirror is another example of the Moroccan influence. This mirror would be a look wonderful in a bohemian bedroom of rich, bold colours.

Colourful Wall Art

Bohemianism has always been associated with artists and art, so why not surround yourself with art in your bedroom. The free thinking bohemian would consider a bare wall a blank canvas to be adorned. To create a bohemian bedroom fill your blank walls with art. Unlike a conventional bedroom style there are no rules when adorning a wall with art. You have the freedom to include whatever styles you like together with any other styles that take your fancy. Don’t be afraid to combine conflicting styles. This bold painting is a good example. The bold blue bird motif stands out boldly against the warm orange background. Start your art wall with one piece and add to it from there. Use a variety of mediums; paintings, sketches, diagrams and maps. This painting was created by Seelenbilder of Germany.

Plants for a Laid Back Ambience

One of the main themes of the 1960s era hippie movement was ‘flower power’. This was a reference to the move back to nature, and all things organic and holistic. One way to bring this idea of flower power and nature into a bohemian bedroom is with plants. Plants in a bedroom not only bring an element of nature into the room, but they can bring in a fresh vibe as well. Indoor plants are easy to grow and maintain if you choose the right ones. The most popular house plants are Dieffenbachia, snake plant, and the Zeezee plant. Place these in corners, on a shelf or next to the bed to bring in freshness and colour into the room.

The bedroom is a space where you can be creative with your interior decor and make a place specifically for you. A bohemian bedroom style is a great way to combine all the things that you like into one amazing design. Don’t be afraid to use a combinations of styles. The bohemians of the early nineteenth century were famous for defying convention and creating completely unique art. Bring rich coloured textiles into the design to warm up the room. Add a touch of Moroccan style with a warm rug or a collection of cushions. Create a cosy atmosphere with some carefully chosen lights. And complete this amazing design with a few plants to bring nature back into the room. 

For more ideas about designing a bedroom see 6 Tips for Creating a Stylish Bedroom.

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