12 pictures of kitchen cabinets for Indian homes

Modular Kitchen Nimble Interiors Rustic style kitchen
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Kitchen holds the most important place in Indian homes. Every celebration in India revolves around food and feeding family and friends. Cooking will not be a fun anymore if the kitchen is not organized. The only way to keep it organized and clean is by building cabinets. 

Designing kitchen cabinets is a challenging job. Within a limited space we have to adjust a lot. In modern homes, the store room has been merged in the kitchen. So the challenge has doubled up. The professional designers of Homify understand how important a well organized beautiful kitchen is in your home. Today we have brought for you 12 amazing kitchen cabinet design ideas to inspire you. Have a look if you are planning to renovate or build your kitchen and enjoy a clutter-free kitchen.

​1. Divided by colour, united by style

The wine colour cabinet looks amazing with the predominantly white in this kitchen. The sensible use of the bright colour with just the right amount of light shades looks neat, clean and elegant.

​2. Brightness of white

U- Shaped Kitchen Design Layouts In Bangalore homify Asian style kitchen Plywood

U- Shaped Kitchen Design Layouts In Bangalore


A sparkling clean kitchen has soothing and calming effect in our nerves. White makes the small kitchens look brighter and spacious. Here, the white cabinets are contrasting well with the granite counter-top and grey tiles. The glass doors in the wall cabinets have made this kitchen look modern and elegant.

3. ​Vibrantly alive

Parallel Modular Kitchen Designs In India homify Asian style kitchen Plywood

Parallel Modular Kitchen Designs In India


Looking for bright kitchen cabinets colors? Yellow can work as it has the power to brighten up the space and elevate the mood instantly. Popping yellow in the kitchen cabinet when combined with white and transparent glass will make the kitchen come alive with fresh energy. Though the glass will need some maintenance, but it is worth it.

4. ​Unity in diversity

L Shaped Kitchen homify Asian style kitchen Plywood

L Shaped Kitchen


The brick colour cabinet below the counter, glass in the middle and white on the top; it is unity in diversity. They are complementing each other and have provided ample storage space in the kitchen.

5. ​Elegance of wood and glass

Simple yet Classic Kitchen homify Classic style kitchen

Simple yet Classic Kitchen


The classic combination of wood and glass looks aesthetically beautiful and is comfortable in the kitchen. In this kitchen, cabinet below the counter are all covered with wood in two colour combination. The overhead cabinet in semi transparent glass is convenient to store and well as display it for you.

6. Mix and match

A Young & Youthful Design Premdas Krishna Classic style kitchen
Premdas Krishna

A Young & Youthful Design

Premdas Krishna

Dark mahogany and white mixes and matches well with each other. The cabinets here simply blend with the interior. The glossy finish looks charming. The semi-transparent glass door cabinets and the open shelves are convenient and beautiful.

7. Say it with colour

Kitchen Designs I Nova Infra Modern kitchen
I Nova Infra

Kitchen Designs

I Nova Infra

The Indians love colours. Show the love for colours in the kitchen cabinets too. If the colour is used judiciously, especially in a small kitchen, it will become lively and working here will be fun and meditative. Exploit all the space available. Properly designed cabinets will always help you to keep your kitchen organized.

8. Modern and elegant

Mr.Ashutosh Project by Blue Interiors homify Modern kitchen Grey

Mr.Ashutosh Project by Blue Interiors


Grey looks modern. But too much of grey could look dark and monotonous. Break the monotony of the kitchen by contrasting it with a vibrant colour and see how elegant the kitchen will look. Drawers, doors and open selves, design the cabinets depending on your requirement.

9. Simple, functional and wooden

U- Shaped Kitchen Designs For Indian Homes homify Asian style kitchen Plywood

U- Shaped Kitchen Designs For Indian Homes


Indians have always been biased towards the wood. Wooden cabinets in kitchen look simple and elegant. The cabinet below the counter-top and overhead will provide ample storing space in the kitchen. The combination of solid, glass and jali on the cabinet doors are an intelligent design idea and break the monotony of the single colour and material.

10. ​Hide and seek

The combination of open shelves and closed cabinets looks fabulous. It will be convenient to use. Different size in the drawers will be appropriate to store different items. The box like cabinets on the wall will create more storing space.

11. ​The Hidden treasure

It is simple, elegant and classy! Without any handle to show on the cabinets, it looks like a hidden treasure waiting to be unveiled. The sleek and neat design of the cabinet is attractive.

12. Splash it with colour

Neeras Kitchen homify Kitchen

Neeras Kitchen


Too much of bright modular kitchen colors can make the kitchen look dull and boring. Think differently and give a splash of colour in the cabinets of predominantly white kitchen. The colour will just pop-up. Keep it open, close or combine it with glass door, it all depends on you and your imagination.

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Some more impressive designs

3BHK Aparna Sarovar Grande C Block 2050 sqft Turn Key project Enrich Interiors & Decors Kitchen units White
Enrich Interiors & Decors

3BHK Aparna Sarovar Grande C Block 2050 sqft Turn Key project

Enrich Interiors & Decors

The classic combination of black and white on the cabinets has been paired with a red backsplash to create a dramatic effect. Designed by professionals, the upper cabinets display a linear construction, whereas the lower ones complement the U-shaped design of the kitchen. In addition, the glossy finish of the cabinets reflects lights and creates the illusion of a wider space.

Kitchen Modules Lakkad Works Modern kitchen
Lakkad Works

Kitchen Modules

Lakkad Works

End your search for a unique colour combination for kitchens by selecting grey and blue. Here, these subtle colours make this modular kitchen even more attractive and inviting. In addition, the large-sized and handleless kitchen units enhance the overall look of the kitchen and at the same time, provide ample storage space. The smart construction of the cabinets also allows you to fit in high-end kitchen appliances while leaving floor space for people to move around easily.

Which one of the kitchen cabinet idea will find a place in your dream kitchen? Write to us.

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