7 tips to decorate your home to make it minimalist

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In today’s world, due to the predominance of stress in people’s lives minimalist houses are vital to joyful living as it is relaxing to return at the end of each day to a home that is not overly decorated, but instead has an ideal mix of comfort and modernity. If you want to set up your apartment for minimal living, you should, nevertheless, observe some guidelines to get it right so that the spaces don’t look too empty. The key to minimal decoration is skilful play with colours and straight lines that are characterized by functionality as well as comfort. In this context, the most appealing minimal apartments are those which have not just one room, but the entire area subjected to a minimalist makeover. Let’s look at what works, and how to achieve it.

1.Make changes one room at a time

If you are thinking of converting to a minimal apartment but have a completely different style at the moment, proceed with caution! It’s advisable to set up an order in which you will make the changes to various rooms as doing too much too soon can result in a chaotic look that ends up disastrous. It doesn’t matter which room is first on your list. What’s important is making the right decisions for each space. In the past, the common approach was to use larger pieces of furniture as the focal point of the room. As per minimal decoration guidelines, you will have to think small.

Take help from a professional to get the minimalist style right.

2.Start with the furniture

Minimalist furniture is characterized by straight lines and neutral and soothing colours. It’s a great option, especially when you are decorating small rooms, as the colours make the space seem more inviting and relaxing. A comfortable piece of furniture such as a couch is important. It should ideally be in shades such as white or grey so that it can be adapted perfectly with the rest of the minimal decoration. As for other pieces of furniture such as cupboards and chests of drawers, white is the best option.

3.Keep only what’s really important

Even though it is difficult to follow, minimal living is characterized, among other things, by doing away with unnecessary objects. Of course, this doesn’t mean that decorative accessories are not required. However, they should not belong to the ornate classic style. Therefore, you should put aside any décor or accessories that are prone to gather dust, and transform the area within your four walls. It takes courage to implement the concept of minimalist furnishing, which involves a conscious effort to create empty spaces and to use them to stimulate the senses both visually as well as psychologically.

4.Bare floors

Whether you opt for tiles or laminate, the main point is not to cover it up unnecessarily with runners, carpets or other floor accessories. If you must use a runner or a carpet, keep it small and get one in a light colour, preferably white. If you think that the floor looks lonely and bare, consider placing a potted plant in a corner. However, don’t use too many floor accessories as this completely deviates from the minimal decorating style.

5.Free surfaces

When you have a large chest of drawers, there’s always the temptation to place decorative accessories on it. Here again, it takes courage not to fill up the surface of the cabinet with figurines or other accessories, and instead let the bare space welcome visitors and residents. One thing is guaranteed; the empty surfaces will definitely get the attention of visitors. Therefore, it is just as important to make sure that these surfaces are always dust-free and spotless.

6.Empty walls

Another important aspect of the minimal decoration style is the limitation of the number of pictures, posters and other wall decoration pieces. If you can’t do without art on the wall, pick a single piece and put a spotlight on it. Remember that any accessory you use should also come in neutral or light tones that maintain uniformity and correspond with the minimalist style. Ideally, the wall décor should be in colours that are found on the walls or in the rest of the room. Large picture frames should be altogether avoided as should a row of posters that covers the entire stretch of the wall. Keep the walls of your minimal apartment bare and enjoy the experience of how it lets your thoughts wander.

7.Put extra items into storage

Just because you have to restrict the number of décor accessories in a minimal apartment doesn’t mean that you won’t ever see them again. Therefore, you don’t have to dispose your furniture, which is not minimalist. It is sensible to store everything that you like but no longer fits the style. That way, you can bring it out again if necessary. After all, only once you experience living with minimal decoration for a longer time will you be able to ascertain whether it is really for you, and if you would like to live with it forever or it was just an amusing experiment.

Either way, if you are looking for more inspiration to decorate your home in this style, see 9 tips for creating a minimalist apartment.

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