18 ideas for small gardens in unused spaces of your home

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Piedra de bola con Árbol de liquidámbar y Lirio persa, Vivero Sofia Vivero Sofia Minimalist style garden
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If you want to make the best use of unused spaces in your house, growing a small garden at home is a great idea! We are happy to share ideas of small gardens which are not complicated to grow and can help you enjoy your own green space at home. No matter how much area you have, these designs and ideas are suitable to small spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Take note and get to work!

1. Add small wooden planters

DISEÑO DE JARDÍN VELAZQUEZ, Arqca Arqca Minimalist style garden

2. Potted plants to decorate your terrace

3. Create a small garden with different types of plants and small stones

4. Modify the entrance with stones

5. In the perimeter of your patio, creates a simple garden with few elements

DISEÑO DE JARDÍN VELAZQUEZ, Arqca Arqca Minimalist style garden

6. How about a garden on the wall?

Diseño de Jardín y Andador Padilla, Arqca Arqca Modern garden

7. Without much effort but this will give a great look and feel to the patio of your house

8. Decorate the steps of the entrance

10. A creative corner perfect for interior and exterior

11. Desert garden

12. Cacti and pots

13. A small indoor garden under the stairs

14. In the window frame

15. At the entrance

16. Asian Inspiration

18. Mediterranean

Which idea from here inspired you most?

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