The favourable variant to a regular house – a container house

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Almost everyone dreams of owning a house. However, with real estate prices being what they are, for most families, buying a home that they can afford means having to move to the suburbs.

We at homify have searched for various cost-effective solutions, and we have found an innovative and simple one – a container house. While this type of home is commonly seen in the West, many people shake their heads at the thought of it. However, today we show you, with the help of a few examples, how comfortable a container home can be.

How much will container house costs be approximately?

The cost of a used container varies widely. A 40-foot (approximately 12 meter) long container will cost around Rs.75,000 to Rs.2,25,000. For converting it into a house, you will have to spend around Rs.5.6 lakhs to Rs.7.5 lakhs. It’s more difficult to come across brand new containers, so most people prefer to buy used ones that are ‘like new’.

Are these containers insulated?

Shipping containers are constructed as lightweight containers. They are built mainly from corrosion-resistant steel, which is coated with a protective lacquer varnish and an epoxy resin base. This provides insulation and multi-glazing, which are essential for achieving a comfortable interior temperature and keeping it constant.

Where can containers be placed?

Every area is governed by both national as well as regional building laws. Therefore, there is no uniform regulation as to where it is permissible to set containers. It will vary from one city or town to another. Before you buy container houses, it is essential to verify with the state building regulations as well as the municipality about where you plan to locate the container. Additionally, you need to distinguish as to whether the container will be placed long term or used temporarily. If the container will be used only for a specified period, then its size can be decided upon accordingly.

Stack them up as required

This variant proves that container houses can be stylish and colourful. For the construction of this unusual house, regular shipping containers, about 12 meters long and 2 meters wide, were used. As you can see, containers can also be stacked one on top of the other to provide a more flexible design, especially when additional living space is required. This variant is a clever alternative to the usual single-level construction. Additionally, openings such as doors and windows can be attached as required. 

The interior of this house is also a surprise. With a wooden floor as well as furniture made of wood. This container house is in no way less than a regular modern family home.

The container house

Many companies sell containers, which are used for transporting of goods. Often, these containers are converted by architects and designers into housing units. Only few container houses are built from very old shipping containers. The containers are manufactured as standardized units, and their long-lasting materials meet the energy standard of a passive house.

Small, but high

Anyone who is frightened by the sight of this container house, because he thinks that one has to go outside to use the toilet, should be reassured—because this is only a washing area, which is accessible from the outside. The house itself has a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen. The superimposed containers are connected to each other by a filigree staircase.

Furnished micro-apartment

Living in a shipping container does not mean you have to forego comfort. The developer of this micro house succeeded in making a 20-foot container into an ideal home. On 13 square meters, you will find a combined living room and bedroom, a bathroom and an integrated workplace. On the six-square-meter terrace, you can sunbathe while you enjoy the view of the surroundings, wherever you have placed your micro-house!

Low-cost housing

Bauweise, EBA51 EBA51

This is a very special project, which offers students cheap but lovingly furnished apartments. In a structure with more than 200 containers, you can find small single-apartments, two-room flats or living-rooms for up to three people. 

Due to the rust-coloured façade, the apartments appear at first glance to be ordinary and not very comfortable. However, this material, namely the Corten steel, is extremely durable. In addition, it provides good insulation and keeps the rooms pleasant in any climate.

A holiday home with a difference

A container house has its charm, but are you one of those who cannot imagine living in it permanently? Then a visit to this extraordinary holiday home is perhaps the right solution for you. It allows you to experience the charm of living in a container home and get acquainted with its advantages. 

One of the plus points of this house is undoubtedly the large windows in front, which allow a pleasant, natural living experience. The furnishings are designed to be minimalist, instead allowing functionality to dominate the living spaces.

See Stylish living in a shipping container for more inspiration.

Where would you set your container home? Answer in the comments.

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