7 pictures of small and comfortable kitchens for Indian homes

Plush Colours ZERO9 Modern kitchen
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Designing kitchen is quite a challenging task. If the kitchen area is large or sufficiently big, you have lots of space to exploit. The real challenge comes when the kitchen is small and you have limited space to make it comfortable and organized. The Homify professional designers are always looking for challenges. In a limited space, you have to harness every inch of the available space. When the space is utilized to its optimum, the result is beautifully organized kitchen that even has sufficient space to move.

Let’s visit these 7 small kitchens and get some inspiration to renovate or design your own small kitchen.

1. ​Maximize the space

Parallel Modular Kitchen Designs In Bangalore homify Asian style kitchen Plywood

Parallel Modular Kitchen Designs In Bangalore


It’s important to maximize the utilization of space in a small kitchen. If the space is well utilized, the size will hardly matter. Every inch of the horizontal and vertical space in this small kitchen has been sensibly used to make it a comfortable space to cook for the family and keep the kitchen organized and free from chaos.

2. ​All along the wall




You just need a wall to build a fully furnished kitchen. The long kitchen slab with a built-in hob and sink still has sufficient working space left in it. The wooden cabinets spread the warmth and helps in keeping the kitchen organized. The well illuminated open brick wall is making this small kitchen look amazingly beautiful. Refrigerator on one corner and the dish-washer on the other complete the kitchen.

3. ​Fantasize it with the colours

the blue kitchen ZERO9 Modern kitchen

the blue kitchen


Brighten up the small kitchen with the colour of your choice and then contrast it with the calmness of white. A well contrasted small space can create an illusion of roominess. Again, don’t forget to utilize every inch of horizontal and vertical space available.

4. ​In the shape of U

The small kitchen designed in U-shape leaves sufficient free space for movement. The wooden cabinets both on the wall and below the counter-top create sufficient space to keep it organized. Even the space between the cabinet and counter-top has been well utilized by hanging the steel racks and rods. However, what immediately grabs the attention in this beautifully organized kitchen is the glass hanging from above.

5. ​Spacious in a small space

ethnic kitchen ZERO9 Country style kitchen

ethnic kitchen


Two curvy jharokhas and an open wall hidden behind the wooden shelves are making this small U-shaped kitchen look spacious. It’s a smart idea to keep open spaces in a small kitchen. It will keep the kitchen airy and connected with the rest of the home. The combination of white and wooden with a splash of mustard colour is adding the zing to this small kitchen.

6. The white magic

White works well in small spaces. Though it will be a task to maintain it, but it will spread the calm and cool energy in hot and humid Indian weather condition.

​7. Attractive and comfortable

It just needs a little bit of planning to make a small kitchen comfortable without compromising on its attractiveness. This well organized small space has every kitchen essentials- the built-in oven, dishwasher and even the cabinets in it. The shining mosaic tiles on the wall are adding to the beauty of this simple kitchen.

If you looking for some smart tricks to keep your kitchen organized, then this ideabook is just for you: 8 intelligent tricks that will keep your kitchen organized!

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