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A vibrant family home in Mumbai

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Home is where the heart is, but how does that look aesthetically? Well, something like this home we're about to show you. This home was designed to suit the heart, way of life and character of the clients, and therefore every room has a unique style of its own. The aesthetics and design of the home embraces the vibrancy of Indian culture and tradition, as well as serves the practical needs of a modern Indian family with its effective use of space. The house offers three bedrooms—a master bedroom, children's bedroom and guest bedroom. It also cleverly combines a puja room, study room, living room, dining area, family room and kitchen in a well laid out space. in The professional design team from SM Studio in Mumbai have clearly demonstrated their talent and creativity in this project. 

Join us on this tour, and check out this beautiful home!

Master bedroom

The master bedroom has a small balcony attached to it with a large glass sliding door opening up to it. This gives the bedroom plenty of natural light and ventilation. We also love how a small desk space has been fitted right by the balcony. The neutral colour scheme adds to cosiness of the room. 

Sultans swing

The traditional Indian swing brings an air of nobility and elegance to this space, while the neutral earthy colour scheme gives it warmth. 

Fit for royalty!

The orange hue of the wood combined with the dazzle from the metallic softness from the bed and headboard makes this guest bedroom seem fit for royalty. The thick shiny curtains are matched with bed spreads, creating a cosy bed space in the room. 

Gold trimmings

Gold trimmings on the wooden closet enhance continuity in the design and colour scheme, while the bright white fake ceiling opens up the closing in effect of the wooden closet, creating a perfectly harmonious and comfortable space. 

Multi-dimensional TV shelf

This multi-dimensional TV shelf is not only interesting to look at, but pretty practical too as it makes more space with its clever design. 

Children's bedroom

The twin beds are united with a cushioned headboard and separated with a wooden bedside table. The gold-striped wallpaper looks amazing with the mood lights and creates an interesting pattern together with the horizontal stripes of the headboard. 

Bright yellow accents

The bright yellow accents in this children's bedroom make a world of difference don't you think? It livens it up and makes the room more playful. 


The details on the TV wall are just amazing! It gives the room a delicate feminine touch which is elegantly seductive. The intricate and identical framing of the mirror and wooden closet also adds another layer of detail to this beautiful master bedroom. 

Funky living room

The living room is also the entertainment room and the family room where everyone gets together for some fun, and this space has that feeling to it. The bright yellow funky TV wall adds a splash of fun to the cosy dark wooden background and neutral colour scheme of this living room. A furnished terrace at the end serves as a source of natural light and ventilation. 

Entrance foyer

In the entrance foyer, a custom-made wooden Jaali screen gives the star performance, while vibrant colour shines in the background. 

Italian marble!

This elegant dining area is luxuriously furnished in full classic style. The dining table is custom made in Italian marble with an inlay done with mother of pearl. 

Bright is good!

Tradition meets funk, and they both say bright is good! According to Vaastu Shastra, it's good to use bright colours in the puja room as it attracts positive energy. This beautiful wooden closet creates the perfect corner for a puja space. 

We hope you've enjoyed the tour of this home. For more inspiration and ideas, have a look at 10 small homes bursting with colour.

What do you like most about the design of this home? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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