8 Beautiful Pooja Room lighting ideas

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Lighting is one of the most important features of a pooja room or prayer room. Fire and traditional lamps are an integral part of Hindu rituals and traditions. According to traditional beliefs, a pooja room should always be well lit. 

Taking the time to choose proper lighting for the pooja room will pay off in creating the ambiance and mood you are looking for. Sometimes you do not need to spend much to create the ambiance that you want. It could be that adding a few unique candle holders may be just what you need for some extra fiery devotion in the pooja room. 

Whether it's a unique candle holder or an artistic lamp, these bright ideas will surely light up your pooja room.  

Beautiful pooja room lighting

Since the altar is the center of attraction in a pooja room, it does make sense to light it up. Designed by Drashtikon Designer Consultant, the altar in this pooja room is beautifully illuminated by warm yellow lights glowing from the backdrop and from below. 

Golden lights

Golden lights will blend in well in a pooja room as the colour gold is commonly used for traditional Indian lamps or deepas. The golden glow from these candle holders will also compliment the deities and idols often adorned with gold. Golden flames highlighted by the unique candle holders create a suitable ambiance for the pooja room.

These candle holders are made out of blown glass infused with metal in it. Each piece is unique and looks different from the other. These elegant candle holders will certainly shine a light in the pooja room. 

Bright floor lamps

Bright floor lamps may be a good idea for pooja rooms since we usually sit on the ground to pray, and the altar is also sometimes closer to the ground. A pooja room will be bright and well lit with these round globe lamps that sit stably on the floor. It could also be a good idea to opt for bright lighting for the ceiling if you have a ceiling you would like to highlight. 

Bangle candle holder

This unique candle holder is made out of multi-coloured glass bangles and exudes a small fiery, yet intense light. Adding a unique touch to your pooja room is effortlessly done with this candle holder that blends modernity with the traditional seamlessly. 

Red flower lamp

Red flower mini figlight, downlight chandelier A Flame with Desire Living roomLighting
A Flame with Desire

Red flower mini figlight, downlight chandelier

A Flame with Desire

This ceiling lamp features a red flower, and will be compatible in a pooja room as flowers are often used in pooja rooms to appease the gods. The soft reddish light it exudes is warm and comforting, and adds a delicate glow to the pooja room. 

Lighting with interesting effects

This artistic globe lighting for the floor creates interesting effects and shadows for the pooja room. The organic spiral shapes it creates radiates delicately and illuminates the room in a magical glow. 

Margherita Vellini are professional lighting designers from Italy which have a wide variety of different lamps and lighting to choose from. These beautiful lamps are sure to leave you in a meditative trance. 

Light from the heavens

This ceiling lamp depicting the light from the heavens seems apt for a pooja room. The bright white light shining through the clouds emanates positive vibes and a serene ambiance. 

Natural wooden lamp

Kelo-hanging lamp homify Living roomLighting

Kelo-hanging lamp


This natural wooden lamp is ideal for the pooja room floor. It is made out of a tree trunk, and adds a beautiful natural element to the pooja room. The warm yellow light gives off a natural feel as it shines through the hollow tree trunk. Although it is quite atypical for a pooja room to have lighting like this, it is definitely special. 

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