Handy tips for hosting an outdoor party

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It’s that time of the year again, the warmer months are in full swing, and people are getting outdoors to make the most of the fleeting warmth—that’s correct, its garden party season! If the thought of hosting an outdoor shindig or soiree sends shivers down your spine, never fear, homify is here to help. 

Here at homify HQ, we have compiled a few handy tips and tricks to ensure your backyard bash isn't anything other than brilliant. From making sure your garden lights are effective, to providing enough seating, there are plenty of things to consider, that will ensure your event is enjoyable. Take a peek below, and host your next get-together with confidence and poise.

1. stylish seating

Traditional Garden - Decked Seating Area and Vertical Wooden Screening Unique Landscapes Country style garden
Unique Landscapes

Traditional Garden—Decked Seating Area and Vertical Wooden Screening

Unique Landscapes

Seating is one of the most important aspects to hosting an outdoor bash. Choose comfortable seating, and ensure your location is suitable for people to stand as well as sit. Gauge your crowd, if you are going to have individuals with children, you may want to provide a child-friendly space for the little one's to play. When hosting your event, you will also want to safeguard against people getting sunburned while sitting and socialising. Choose a shady spot, or move the party indoors in extreme weather.

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2. mood lighting

Jar Commerce Bio Fire Urban Icon Garden Fire pits & barbecues
Urban Icon

Jar Commerce Bio Fire

Urban Icon

Lighting can make or break an event. Ensure your shindig or soiree is stylish and enjoyable, by implementing the correct lights. Choose subtle illumination and avoid bright fluorescent bulbs, which will ruin a stylish party easily. Candles, lanterns, and other garden lights are excellent options and can be purchased from many outdoor stores. Additionally, you can buy lights to keep away mosquitoes, and other flying nasties, ensuring your guests are comfortable and bite-free.

3. stock the bar

Denver Street Lot 7 Uptic Studios Modern balcony, veranda & terrace
Uptic Studios

Denver Street Lot 7

Uptic Studios

What good is a party without a well-stocked bar? Now you don't have to fill your bar with expensive beer, wine, and spirits. A great party needs the essentials as well. Ensure you have enough ice, mineral water, juice, and plenty of soft drinks for those avoiding alcoholic beverages. In addition, avoid your fine crystal and purchase plastic cups, or inexpensive glass, as you are undoubtedly going to have a few breakages.

4. open plan living space

If you are lucky enough to have an open plan living space, make the most of it and open up those bi-fold or sliding doors. Bringing the outside 'in', or in this case the inside 'out', can increase the level of comfort for your guests, and provide easy access from the kitchen to the garden. Not only that, but it can create an excellent place for everyone to hide, should it rain. Check out this example from Clear Architects, and get some inspiration for your outdoor patio or courtyard.

5. clean and prepare the bathroom

Fifth on the list is the bathroom. Having people over for a party means providing a space for them to use the bathroom, and there can be nothing worse than a dirty or disgusting wash space. Time to get out the gloves, the toilet cleaner, and the grout scrub, get onto those hands and knees, and fix up your bathroom. Ensure your space is fresh and smells nice with some scented oil dispensers, and remember to fill up the liquid soap.

6. have enough space for everyone

Maison Frie au Four CCD Architects Rustic style dressing room
CCD Architects

Maison Frie au Four

CCD Architects

Finally, there is truly nothing worse than hosting an event and not having enough space for your guests. Ensure you purchase enough seats, and if that is not possible, make sure you will be able to provide enough standing room for everyone. No one wants to feel squashed or confined, especially on a hot summers day or night. This example is a brilliant illustration of a living space that would be perfect for a medium sized gathering. There are plentiful lounge seats, while the dining table can accommodate others. 

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