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6 Modern dressing table designs

Asha Bogenfuerst Asha Bogenfuerst
Residensial project: modern  by 4D The Fourth Dimension Interior Studio,Modern
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These modern dressing tables are not only look chic and trendy, but also designed to match our modern lifestyles and smaller living spaces, making dressing up a smoother experience. We hope you will find a suitable dressing table that matches your style and your home. 

Let's see what the latest trends are now when it comes to dressing up. 

Dressing up in a small space

Finding space for a dressing table may be challenging for smaller homes, but it doesn't have to be a luxury that only larger homes allow. This creative design enables you to simply hang this dressing table on the wall. With lights, and compartments and hooks to hang jewelry, this innovative piece compensates impressively for the luxury of a dressing table. It is ingeniously constructed out of wooden pallets and has a shabby chic style to it. 

Vintage dressing table

This vintage dressing table is fitted with an old Singer sewing machine's iron base frame and a modern looking wooden tabletop with two drawers. It comes with a wooden stool that has a slit just like the dressing table to store small things.The mix of old and new gives this dressing table an eclectic feel. 

Unusual dressing table

scandinavian  by AT   , Scandinavian

The uneven circular shape of the tabletop supported with 3 legs and a long pole with a small mirror makes this dressing table quite unusual. Minimalist and eccentric in style, this modern dressing table is reminiscent of an artist's palette. Its bold design dares to be different, and is ideal for people who prefer to stand out and also stand up while playing the make-up artist or getting dressed. 

Dressing table or desk?

If you prefer to keep your vanity space discreet, this spacious floating desk with drawer compartments to store cosmetics or other accessories might be ideal. A decorative mirror could be hung on the wall, and the spotlights will give you the perfect light to put on make-up or get dressed, and also make the room seem bigger. 

Dressing table accessories

- L'Accroche coeurs - by PIERRE CABRERA

- L'Accroche coeurs -


Dress up your dressing table with this unique, functional accessory and show off your collection of sunglasses or spectacles in style. This chic dressing table accessory will help to store your collection of sunglasses and spectacles in an organized way so that you easily reach for them on your way out of the house without having to look all over for them. 

Dressing table with hidden mirror

modern  by ABCDE sign, Modern
ABCDE sign


ABCDE sign

This dressing table has a mirror that can be hidden out of sight when not needed, turning it into a regular cupboard with plenty of storage. It also has a space to store the stool in the cupboard so it doesn't take up extra space when not in use. The cupboard doors have storage compartments that slide in and close. This dressing table can save space and provide for plenty of storage. It's modern design and concept is both appealing and practical. 

Minimalist dressing table

A small chic dressing table with just one drawer is minimalist in concept and in style. The dark grey colour and the sleek design gives the dressing table an ultra modern look. 

This minimalist dressing table is designed by Ilkingurbanov Studio

Artistic mirror

Sometimes all you need is a mirror to dress up.This artistic mirror shaped like a Rorschach psychological test is a brilliant tool for self-analysis. Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me who I am. 

A decorative mirror or a self-analysis mirror, it's all up to your perception.  

Here are some mirrors in Asian style if you want to keep looking through the looking- glass. 

Street chic dressing table

modern  by EK Design, Modern
EK Design

Sunrise Table

EK Design

This long, narrow dressing table with a slit to slide the mirror in has a street chic look that is basic and will easily fit in any room. The adjustable mirror is practical for dressing up as you can slide the mirror to the position you prefer on the table, or even remove it and lean it against the wall if you need another angle. 

Teenage girl's dressing table

Adolescence is often a time where self-consciousness and vanity is at it's peak so rest assure that the dressing table will be well used. This girly pink and white dressing table with a chest of drawers and a vanity mirror on the wall is just what a blossoming lady needs. 

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Let us know if you liked these modern dressing table designs. 
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