10 modern toilet designs

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If you're looking to renovate your bathroom or simply to replace a toilet, you've come to the right place. Here, you will find a range of modern toilet designs, from high-tech Japanese bidet toilets to contemporary looking toilets, retro toilets, quirky toilets, eclectic style toilets, and toilets with a minimalist design. 

Retro toilet

If you're looking for colour and style in your bathroom, then this design is for you. This super modern toilet design uses a lovely bold red colour and yellow spotlights to highlight certain walls and areas with a retro contemporary look. It stands out in a few ways from other toilets, one reason being that it has a square toilet bowl instead of the regular rounded ones. It is also practical in the sense that the wash basin has a convenient storage unit underneath it. 

Modern Japanese bidet toilet

In India it is common for toilets to have a bidet attached to it, however, this toilet takes it to a whole new level. Modern Japanese bidet toilets come with an automatic bidet system installed in it that saves space, and also makes the toilet experience more sanitary and convenient. This high-tech toilet also comes with other innovative and practical functions. After all, Japan is highly regarded worldwide for its innovation and its high-tech toilets. 

With this modern Japanese bidet toilet, you only need to use one finger to press a button for the automatic bidet system to start spraying water, making it the most hygienic and convenient way of cleaning yourself. There is also a warm air drying function so that you don't have to use toilet paper at all, which makes this toilet very environmentally friendly. Some models even come with a deodoriser function, a function to keep the toilet seat heated, and a music selection to choose from. 

This luxurious modern Japanese bidet toilet is as good as it gets for now. 

Contemporary toilet

This contemporary looking toilet is sleekly connected to the wash basin, making it ideal for small spaces. The floating, curvy toilet is modern and minimalist, and definitely makes a statement about being different. 

Modern toilet design with garden

This modern toilet with a mini garden incorporated in it was designed by Muraliarchitects, architects based in Adyar. The garden area is open, allowing plenty of natural light and fresh air into the bathroom, making it ideal for tropical houses. The garden area also acts as a natural deodoriser and a great way to ventilate the whole bathroom.

Minimalist toilet design

This toilet is minimalist in its design, using dark coloured wood panels and a sleek design. The small floating toilet bowl makes the bathroom look ultra modern, and also frees up space for storage of toilet rolls or other toilet accessories. 

Quirky toilet design

With this quirky toilet design, you can be sure you'll never run out of toilet paper! It's design is ironic in a sense as the tree holds all the toilet rolls, and toilet rolls do come from trees. The black wash basin gives the toilet a sleek, modern look, while the lighting behind the toilet roll tree accentuates the black and white contrasts. 

Eclectic style toilet

This eclectic style toilet combines the old with the new. It is reminiscent of earlier times when we used to have a bucket next to the toilet bowl. Now, the wash basin depicts a bucket, and adds a unique eclectic touch to a modern bathroom. 

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Feminine modern toilet

The oval shaped toilet bowl and the pretty flowers give this toilet a feminine modern look, while the bright coloured tiles and wallpaper make this bathroom spacious. It's simple yet modern with a feminine touch. 

Edgy toilet design

Don't you just love the contrast in this toilet design? The black wall tiles compliment the black blinds and contrast with the rest of the bathroom in complete harmony. The square toilet bowl and the use of black in this bathroom gives the bathroom an edgy and possibly masculine look. 

Simple toilet design

As you can see, this toilet is pretty small, but uses the space efficiently with shelves lined up against the wall. This simple toilet design uses wallpaper instead of tiles, creating a more cosy looking toilet. 

If you're still stuck for ideas and unsure, have a look at this ideabook: choosing a toilet for the bathroom

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