How much will a patio cost?

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There’s no denying that a patio greatly enhances the overall look of a home’s exterior, which is why most home owners dream of having a stylish patio for relaxing or entertaining guests. However, when it comes to laying a patio, the prospect of spending a large amount causes many homeowners to put their dreams on hold.

The main cause of confusion is the varied estimates that one gets when asking how much to lay a patio. Here, it’s important to remember that rather than relying on a ballpark figure, working out the essential elements based on your requirements will give a more realistic figure as the materials that you use, the size of the patio and the elements will affect the price tag.

So, how much should it be to lay a patio? It’s best to approach a professional who understands your requirements and works out the costs accordingly. To help you to get started, we’ve put together this guide.

4. Can I use wood for the patio?

Wood deck tiles are a fantastic option for patios, as they look natural and can be installed with minimum fuss compared to other materials. Even though natural wood isn’t too expensive, it requires a lot of maintenance as it is easily spoils and rots with exposure to the elements such as sun and rain.  Besides creating a framework for the deck, you may have to install a roof covering or an awning to protect natural wood, which will add to the overall cost. The alternative is to use weather-proof WPC (wood plastic composite) deck tiles that are slightly costlier, but easier to maintain.

1. What type of patio?

The size as well as the materials and design will affect the patio cost. Additionally, some firms may work out more expensive than others. The first step is to explain to a professional about what you envision for your patio, and let him translate your ideas into a final design. Based on this, you can get an initial estimate and decide on which material to use.

2. How to find the right professional?

The list of architects or designers who can help you to lay a patio is endless, but the vital point is to find one who understands your vision. It’s always advisable to work with a professional who has a good reputation in the market, or comes with impeccable references. The minimum requirement is that the person understands the process involved in laying a patio. For example: removing the existing vegetation and levelling the ground, laying down fresh soil and turf on the area to be covered, compacting the earth to create a solid foundation, aligning the plants and hedges to create a landscape or garden, etc.

3. How much should it be to lay a patio?

The material that you choose for the patio will impact its cost. You’ll find materials that are affordable as well as some expensive options, but keep in mind that it may make sense to use a slightly costlier material if it is guaranteed to last longer. Usually, a professional gives you a cost per square meter, so it pays to be aware of the approximate cost of each type of material. Here are some rough estimates:

Cement interlocking tiles: Rs.12 per piece onwards

Concrete paving blocks: Rs.450 per sq.m.

Ceramic outdoor tiles: Rs.30 to Rs.200 per sq.ft.

Natural stone tiles: Rs.35 to Rs.130 per sq.ft.

Wood deck tiling: Rs.250 to Rs.500 per sq.ft.

Remember that these are approximate prices and do not include the cost of labour and other materials such as cement, sand, soil and landscaping plants that make up the patio.

5. What if I use natural stone?

Natural stone comes in several variants such as flagstone, slate and limestone. While it adds a lovely organic look to the patio, it costs more to install, as the process is longer, but the charming look achieved at the end of it makes it worth the effort. Natural stone also lasts long and is impervious to the sun and rain.

6. What about ceramic landscaping tiles?

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While the process of laying these tiles takes much longer as they need to be set in a base and levelled, outdoor landscaping tiles are relatively maintenance-free. They are also an excellent option when you want bright colours or patterns on the patio floor. They come in a range of finishes, which means they can match almost any design theme – from rustic to modern.

7. How much does a cement or concrete patio cost?

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Cement or concrete tiles and blocks are available in a variety of styles. You can choose from cheaper interlocking tiles to solid concrete blocks. Obviously, coloured tiles cost more than plain grey ones. While these tiles are hardy, the process of laying them needs considerable expertise to ensure that the tiles are levelled into the soil and remain that way for years.

8. What other costs will I incur for the patio?

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Building a patio is only half the work done. It needs regular maintenance to look good for several years. Since patios attract a lot of dust and mud, it’s wise to invest in a high-pressure washer to clean it thoroughly every once in a way. Similarly, when you invest in patio furniture and accessories, choose ones that are weather-resistant or spend a little extra to get covers for them so that they are protected from the rain.

Are you inspired to build a patio or renovate an old one? For tips on choosing the perfect material for your patio, see this ideabook.

Which material do you prefer for a patio? Let us know in the comments.

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