minimalistic Garden by Bolans Architects

23 garden fencing ideas that are cheap, but stylish

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garden or a backyard is a wonderful feature in any home, but it also needs to be private and secure so that you can enjoy relaxing in it. However, spending a lot of money on the fence may not seem important, after you have splurged on the interiors.

Today, we at homify have researched the various cheap fencing solutions that are being used by professionals, and put them together in this ideabook to help you to decide on the best solution for your home. So, if you would like to make your garden a private space, safe from the prying eyes of your neighbours or unwelcome visitors, but without spending a huge sum on it, take a look at these fencing ideas and pick your favourite.

1. Woven bamboo – a cheap fencing idea that is easy to attach to solid walls

2. Creating a natural fence with plants helps to blur the boundary lines

3. Using recycled wood is another great alternative for cheap fencing that’s beautiful

4. How about freestanding bamboo that can be customized to your requirements?

5. Cheap pre-fabricated panels can be upgraded with a fresh coat of paint

minimalistic Garden by Bolans Architects
Bolans Architects

Narbonne Avenue Clapham

Bolans Architects

6. A short fence with plain wooden panels can work out cheaper than some of the trendy options

minimalistic Garden by Aralia

Canopy Lane


7. Use pallets in a strip formation to create a cheap fencing alternative

minimalistic Garden by Yorkshire Gardens
Yorkshire Gardens

Small, low maintenance garden

Yorkshire Gardens

8. A gabion is an unusual, but interesting idea to create a fence that is solid and stunning

 Garden  by GH Product Solutions
GH Product Solutions

Gabionen in Kobination mit Bambus

GH Product Solutions

9. A low fence won’t cost much, and you can create a hedge or paint it to add beauty

minimalistic Garden by Selwood Products Ltd
Selwood Products Ltd

Climbing Frame for Smaller Garden

Selwood Products Ltd

10. Extend the deck planks in your garden to the fence for a cohesive look – you can get a lower rate when you buy in bulk

11. Trellis fencing with climbing vines or creepers presents a more organic and affordable solution

country Garden by Cherry Mills Garden Design
Cherry Mills Garden Design

Country Family Garden With Oriental Water Garden

Cherry Mills Garden Design

12. Woven panels in a lighter shade won’t make the garden seem too cramped

country Garden by Quercus UK Ltd
Quercus UK Ltd

Border edging -raised beds

Quercus UK Ltd

13. For a country feel, use spaced wooden fencing – it won’t cost a lot

14. White picket fences belong to dream cottages, but they look just as good anywhere

country Garden by Lee Evans Partnership
Lee Evans Partnership

Bossington House, Adisham Kent

Lee Evans Partnership

15. Integrate the fencing with the outdoor furniture to create a seamless look

modern Garden by Lithic Fire
Lithic Fire

Ayrshire outdoor living

Lithic Fire

16. A trellis is a cheap fencing idea that offers privacy without blocking natural light

17. A wooden framework covered with greenery not only adds to the aesthetics but also offers excellent value for money

18. Chicken wire fencing is cheap and almost invisible. It may not offer much privacy, but is sufficient for keeping out unwelcome intruders

19. Mesh panels on top of solid walls add textural beauty and won’t cost much

20. An extra high fence might seem expensive, but using a cheap fencing material like recycled wood that is treated at home can make it a very affordable option

21. Want something out of the ordinary? How about Perspex panels ordered direct from the supplier? You’ll have a cheap fencing idea that is eye-catching!

modern Garden by Earth Designs
Earth Designs

Party garden in Sevenoaks, Kent

Earth Designs

22. Save money with a DIY fence. Use marine ply from a store, and cut it to fit your requirement. It won’t make a big dent in your budget.

23. For a stunning boundary, go for laser-cut stainless-steel panels. It’s a cheap fencing idea that will bring a modern look to your home

For some inspiration on small gardens, see 15 fantastic garden ideas for small homes.

Which of these fences will you choose for your garden? Respond in the comments.
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