15 pictures of bathrooms to help redefine yours

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The homes we build for ourselves to reside in can tip slightly towards stale and obsolete when changing tides catch up to them. It's at times like these that a change is called for, right from the kitchen of your home to the bathroom. This posts revisits ways for you to modify your lavatory without having to make too many adjustments to keep it modern and happening. 

1. Oh light!

For bathrooms that aren't blessed with a fair dose of natural lighting, artificial lights can be the knight in shining armor. Light plays a key role in enhancing the spacial area of a place making it seem larger than it really is. 

2. The perfect decor

A combination of crystals, tiles, and wooden boards make for the perfect companions in any bathroom that is in grave need of a makeover as this bathroom demonstrates. The key lies in the coalescence of the elements to create an atmosphere of harmony. 

3. Furniture is calling

Nature is calling out to you,  both literally and figuratively. Incorporate natural elements in your bathroom along with wooden decor to spruce up the stereotypical perception to bathrooms as we know it. 

4. Drawers

A tiny tweak to be made in the lavatory would be to replace handles on the decor. This makes the space look neater allowing you to open up your cabins by simply drawing out the drawers! 

5. Glossy finesse

While white seems to set the benchmark for bathrooms to follow, there's no harm in stepping out of the stereotype. Pick out dark colors such as black and brown to set your lavatory apart from the rest. 

6. Greenery

For an all white bathroom, the best decor that you can befriend if a potted plant. It sends out positive and natural vibes which is of the essence in the loo if you ask me! 

7. Glass doors

In order to make your bathroom more modern, replace the shower door with a glass door. This makes it seem like your bathroom isn't too far behind when it comes to catching up with the times. 

8. Sailor's deck!

Rather than having the wash basin on a pedestal as we are accustomed to, opt for an arrangement such as the one shown in the image. The wash basins rest on a platform which is suspended by chains. This makes the bathroom lie right in the middle of rustic and modern designs. 

9. Decor

Add in candles, woven stools, lamps and pots to give your lavatory a whole new look. You could also add in a woollen bathroom mat to add to the tastefulness of the bathroom. 

10. Carpets and rugs

For some fine living in the bathroom look for rugs and carpets that will accentuate the overall vibes that your bathroom gives out. 


Geometrically printed mats can also help to contribute towards the aforementioned idea. Get in touch with the professionals to see how it's done. 

11. Lights

Lights on the wall can add the right sparkle to your bathroom as they have a certain way of uplifting the atmosphere of it. 

12. The golden lining

For a bold flashy statement, make use of golden decor to light up the place, They have the ability to make the room come to life. 

13. Stone walls

Recreate the stone age with textures and elements right in the comfort of your bathroom as this stunning image displays. 

14. Slightly above the bare neccessities

If space and budgets do not constrain you, then fit a fireplace into your bathroom. Comfort is after all, the best way to feel at home!  

15. Straight out of a magazine cover

Want a taste of grand living? This bathroom tells you how to do just that! Magnificent elements when combined together bring forth a room of wonder. 

Visit this ideabook for more insight.

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