24 pictures of small and colourful kitchens

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When it comes to matters of the kitchen, colors are the best way to express the vibrant flavors of the kitchen. To create an energetic and alluring atmosphere in the kitchen look to bright colors that will allow for your kitchen to speak louder than words. With the wide array of colors that are presented to you it's often hard to come to terms with a clear cut decision which is why we've tried our best to color code the best colors that should be making it to your kitchen. 


Yellow is a color that is synonymous with sunshine and warmth which is exactly what the heart of your home is in grave need of. Under the bandwidth of yellow, come a number of inflections which are yours to choose from.

First up for the showcase is a mustard centered kitchen. The bold, bright tone is the highlight of this lovely kitchen. When teamed up with neutral hues such as black or white, the right balance of color is created as is displayed in the preceding kitchen. 

Pantone Yellow

Next on the wonderful palate that the color yellow has to offer, is a vibrant pantone yellow. It is a lighter shade of yellow that is right in the middle of overpowering and mellow, making it the perfect choice for any kitchen. Wooden floors and white tiled kitchen walls fit right in with this hue. 

Canary yellow

Leaving out on canary yellow would be a grave crime if this kitchen appeals to you in any way. Subtle shades are the best to combine with patterns and elements so as to create a wholesome kitchen. 


Blue is a hue that is often associated with serenity and grace. For the kitchen, blue is an ideal choice as it brightens up the room creating a welcoming, uplifting aura. 

Sapphire blue is chosen as the focal point of this kitchen, while indigo and lighter shades make a presence as well. The  rich glossy varnish adds a unique touch to the feel of this kitchen. 

Cobalt blue

Cobalt blue can be teamed up with just about any theme, although rustic centered ones are more favorable. When it comes to this hue, ensure that lighter shades of decor are picked out so there isn't a conflict of shades in the kitchen. 

Sky blue

To create a lighter mood in the kitchen, along with a feeling of belonging, look to sky blue. It works exceptionally well especially in the kitchen because of the dynamics it offers.

3. RED

Red is a bolder brighter hue that can be opted for if you're looking to create a kitchen that is loud and appealing, speaking for itself when beckoned upon by gazes of onlookers. 

There are more to matt tones than their relevance in the world of makeup. When matt crimson is the subject at hand, all else plays second fiddle to it as this kitchen displays. 

Lava Red

To create a rich, vibrant, energetic atmosphere in the kitchen, pick from the palate of colors offered to you, Lava Red. It is bold and has a certain panache to it that can't be replicated by much else. 


For the ultimate pop of color in the heart of your home, choose scarlet. It's bright, it's bold and it brings a certain vibe that you do not want to miss out on at any cost. 


Synonymous with fresh and vibrant energy is the color citrus which can paint the walls of your kitchen. It's definitely a color that you want to experiment with if you want your kitchen to appear brighter than a thousand suns! 

Apple green is a great way to make a statement as is seen in this kitchen. A nice glossy varnish adds the finishing touches to the marvel that is this kitchen. 

Fern green

For a paler hue of green that doesn't exactly speak volumes for itself, go for a hint of fern green as does this kitchen. Sticking to white decor would do the trick just fine. 

Natural green

Look to this impressive kitchen that centers a natural green. The cabins have been chosen to represent this incredible color while the remaining decor comes in a number of colors. Indeed a palate perfect picture!


Violet is a color that symbolizes mystery and wonder so picking this hue for your kitchen would help to create an ambience of the same. 

For all you true believers in mystic, here's a kitchen to bring all your fantasy dream houses to life. It's a pop of a wide array of purple hues that are bound to leave your kitchen the talking point of the house. 


For a unique elegant touch, violet is a great tone to experiment with. Darker tones tend to symbolize a sort of serenity which would be accentuated by elements that do the same. 


Lighter colors such a lilac are yet another way to represent your kitchen cabinets. When combined with black or darker shades, a unique touch is added to the kitchen which completes it in its entirety.  


Pink is a rather rare color to find in the kitchen, however for those who take a liking to the delicate hue, there is nothing stopping you! 

Light shades of pink make for a nice subtle airy presence. You could pick out pink cabins with white tiles to go with or you could also pick out lighter shades of pink for the same.


For a grandeur kitchen, opt for plum hues with a bright glossy varnish. Club your cutlery to match the kitchen cabins if you like as well. 

Baby pink

If you're looking to create a rather rustic looking kitchen, then you are in the presence of just the thing!  Baby pink or a faded pink creates an old looking medieval type of kitchen.  


Synonymous with the ocean and all things natural is the wonderful tone that is Aqua. If you're looking for a way to incorporate it in you're kitchen, then we'll show you exactly how!

Here is a wonderful petite little kitchen which centers the color turquoise. When paired up with brown and white a kitchen of great detail is born. 

Faded aqua

A faded shade of aqua can also be a great choice for your kitchen as this picture demonstrates. It has a certain deal of subtlety to it that is impossible to miss out on. 

Dark green

For a rustic kitchen, pick out this dark green hue to represent the cabinets of your kitchen. 

For more insight on colors that make your home seem larger, visit this ideabook. 


Cherry is yet another color to experiment with in the kitchen. The deep tones that the color has to offer can work wonders on the heart of your home. 

This cherry themed kitchen exudes a certain amount of grace that cannot be replicated by much else. 


Another option for you to choose from is this brilliant maroon themed kitchen. Not only does it look compact and neat, but also graceful in its own little way. 


For creating a lighter, welcoming atmosphere, look to peach tones to do the same. Team it with white cabins and you have for yourself a complete kitchen. 

Which colors did we leave out? Let us know! 

Which one did the trick for you?

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