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How much does a home extension cost?

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After a few years of living in a house, everyone feels the need for additional space, and a home extension is the most affordable alternative for making it happen. However, the prospect of getting an extension done is dreaded by most home owners, mostly because of the escalating home extension costs as well as the inconvenience of having to live with the noise and mess during the project.

The fact is that the longer you put off extension plans, the more expensive it gets, as the cost of materials keeps rising. Don’t let hearsay about high extension costs stall your desire to add space to your home to make it more comfortable. It always helps to get estimates from a few professional architects and designers to get a more realistic perspective on the extension costs per sqm, whether you are expanding a living area, a bathroom or a kitchen. Additionally, the costs vary depending on the type of materials used.

To help make the decision easier for you, we’ve put together this ideabook as a guide to what you need to know about house extension costs and the various possibilities.

1. A simple ground floor extension

One of the most uncomplicated extensions you can get done is in the ground floor. It could be an al fresco seating extension off your dining area, a patio extending from your living room or a barbeque area in the garden. Generally, given the current costs, you can budget between INR 3,000 to INR 6,000 per sq.ft. on an average, depending on the design and the area to be covered. Extension costs per sq.m. are usually higher in urban areas than in rural ones. Obviously, a covered extension will cost more than an open air one. Don’t forget that you’ll also have to account for architect’s fees and taxes, besides the costs of getting your plan sanctioned by the local authorities.

2. Double-storey extensions

If you have the budget for it, getting an extra room on the upper level is a great idea when you are going in for an extension. Bear in mind that the home extension costs per sq.m. will almost double. Additionally, if the extension requires the inclusion of load bearing columns to support the structure, be prepared for a huge expense. However, on the bright side, it helps you to plan and get space that you may require a few years down the line, saving you the trouble of an extension later, when the cost of materials may increase even further. The per sq.ft. cost of Rs.3,000 to Rs.6,000 will remain, but the overall costs will double as you have twice the area to cover.

3. An addition of a kitchen or a bathroom

Bright, clean, contemporary homify Modern kitchen

Bright, clean, contemporary


Depending upon the design and the area of the extension, you can spend upwards of Rs.3 lakhs for a simple kitchen or bathroom extension. A small bathroom extension may be cheaper as you only need to account for tiles, sanitary ware, plumbing and electricity. Extension costs per sq.m increase considerably for kitchens as appliances and cabinetry are expensive.

4. Choosing high-quality materials

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Simple Zen ​Bathroom Overlooking Nature


There’s no point in choosing the cheapest materials to keep home extension costs low. If you use sub-par materials and fixtures, they will wear out soon or present a disappointing result once the project is complete. It’s advisable to choose premium materials and fixtures, especially in areas that you use regularly, such as the kitchen countertops or sanitary fittings in a bathroom.

5. How much is an extension on an average?

Not every extension is simple, especially if the land for the proposed extension needs to be levelled. Some extensions may require a foundation to be laid to support the structure. Similarly, load bearing walls or columns may need to be built. All these add to the home extension costs, and the project expenses will increase with every small feature. For example, building a roof, fixing doors and windows, or creating sewage or plumbing connections increases the extension costs.

6. Location makes a difference

If you live in a premium neighbourhood, you may have to spend more on house extension costs as you want your home to have a beautiful façade that blends with the other elegant homes in the area. If you live in a gated community that has restrictions on changing the exterior façade of the house, then your extension projects will have to be restricted to the back yard or the rear of the house, where noone else sees it.

7. The types of materials and quality of construction

A tensile fabric car shed Hasta architects Modern garage/shed
Hasta architects

A tensile fabric car shed

Hasta architects

The materials that you choose will have an impact on home extension costs. For instance, brick is cheaper that natural stone or wood. Similarly, you will find tiles, appliances and fittings in varied price ranges. It all depends upon which ones you opt for.

8. How to manage home extension costs

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studio XS

Formal Living—Deck

studio XS

The best way to ensure that your house extension costs stay within budget is to work with a professional architect. You’ll benefit from superior design and quality of construction, and additionally, they can get you better deals on materials since they interact regularly with suppliers and manufacturers. What’s more, it will save you the hassle of following up with different contractors to get the project completed on schedule.

So, are you ready to get started on your home extension? Instead of worrying about how much a house extension costs, contact one of our professionals and get the additional space you have always wanted. For some home extension ideas see Extend your home to fit your style.

Did these tips give you ideas for your home extension? Let us know which area you plan to extend.
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