5 indoor garden ideas

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Here are 5 indoor garden ideas which can naturally beautify the house while improving air quality and creating a more pleasant micro-climate in the house. Having indoor plants is a sustainable way of cooling down the temperature in the house. Indoor gardens create a tranquil, peaceful environment where it's easier to relax, think clearly and rejuvenate. 

Indoor garden in the bathroom

This beautiful indoor garden allows you to enjoy the aesthetics of a garden while freshening up in the privacy of your bathroom. Imagine dragging yourself out of bed in the morning to go to the bathroom to brush your teeth, and being greeted by this beautiful indoor garden bathed in sunlight. You can also watch the rain shower the plants while you take a shower. It all feels very natural in this bathroom. 

Since the garden is only partially sheltered from the rain, it creates a modern air well which ventilates the bathroom and keeps the air fresh.  Airwells used to be a common feature of tropical houses, however most modern houses have forgotten about this refreshing idea. 

Having greenery and flowers around generally improves our psychological functioning and well-being. If you're the kind of person that finds inspiration in the shower, then this indoor garden will do even more to relax you and let the creative juices flow. 

Picture-perfect indoor garden idea

A picture-perfect indoor garden doesn't have to be big at all, in fact it can actually be contained in a picture frame on the wall. Flowers and plants can be nicely framed  by this custom-made wooden frame in a cosy corner of the house.

Framed plants are a great alternative to having potted plants in the house as they save space and also add a unique touch to your home. This piece of live three-dimensional art is no wallflower at all, rather it pops out of the wall and adds vibrancy to the whole room. 

Indoor vertical wall garden

An indoor vertical wall garden is ideal for houses with space constraints. It's also a great way to add life to dead walls, and create a healthy micro-climate in the house.

Imagine having an indoor vertical wall garden in the kitchen, and growing all the different herbs on that wall. You could just conveniently pluck the herbs you need to cook right off the wall, and the plants would keep your kitchen cooler, and also improve the air quality of the house. 

Having a green wall indoors can make a world of difference for our health and well-being. Living in concrete jungles can be exhausting; these vertical gardens or green walls will add a breath of fresh air to our polluted lungs. 

Creating a mini indoor garden with terrariums

Terrariums are basically mini gardens in glass containers which require very low maintenance. They are a creative way of adding some greenery to small spaces like the dining room table and shelves. 

These terrariums are designed by The Urban Botanist, interior designers and decorators from UK who specialise in creating terrarium installations. The multi-sized terrariums come in a variety of shapes such as spherical, cubical, and triangular shapes. The angular shapes of these terrariums give it a modern, minimalist look, and will blend in easily with any kind of decor. 

This year, 2015, has been a good one for terrariums.Terrariums have been gaining popularity and becoming a buzz word when it comes to indoor plants and low maintenance gardens. This growing trend has also inspired a host of new DIY gardening projects as it's really not that hard to make a terrarium yourself. 

Tropical indoor garden

This indoor garden was designed to create a beautiful tropical foliage in the house. Isn't it awesome to have a whole banana tree growing inside the house? 

However, only houses with plenty of natural light and space can accommodate this tropical indoor garden. Not to worry though, as there are plenty of other indoor garden ideas at homify. Keep digging!

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