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26 fantastic ideas for small kitchens

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Kitchens are the heart of our homes. From the smell of brewed coffee, the aromas of different herbs to the delicious smell of cinnamon and sugar from freshly baked goodies, we experience wonderful moments in a kitchen. We tell our children stories here, when they are back from school. We forge plans for the future along with our partners. We dry tears.

All this happens in small kitchens as much as they do in large living rooms, which is why we focus on the former today. In small kitchens, usually the disadvantages catch our eye. However, some miniature kitchens can look great and be functional. We show you how, right now!

1. Modular kitchen

We start with a simple but popular example for those who love efficient kitchens. Modular kitchens are extremely useful for people who need to move often, for example, students, trainees and project managers. The blocks with individual pieces of furniture, stove, dishwasher or open shelves can easily be integrated into new rooms when it’s time to move, which is what makes these kitchens so popular. And, they look good too!

2. Kitchens with dining area

A small kitchen is no excuse for not integrating a dining counter or bar. On the contrary, you can kill two birds with one stone and get a dining area as well as additional work surface.

3. Kitchens with a wow effect

This beautifully designed space looks more like an artist's studio than a kitchen, right? After all, cooking is an artistic process, and like a dish is made up of many different elements, the same is true of a kitchen.

4. U-shaped design

When we are dealing with small rooms, U-shaped kitchens are always one of the best ways to maximize space so that we have enough room to move around freely in the middle of the kitchen as well as to the left and to the right of the room.

5. Deluxe storage

When we look at the issue of  storage space  in small kitchens, this example shows how to solve the problem! Rarely have we seen so many possibilities in such a small area. There is space for everything, and we mean everything! There’s even place for storing wine bottles on the side.

6. Bright kitchens

Neutral or bright kitchens are beautiful in both large and small formats. They deceive us optically into believing there is more space. With a large window, we not only have plenty of light in the room, but also fresh air, so no bad odours sneak into other rooms.

7. Minimalist design

Minimalist design always gives the impression of cleanliness and elegance. With regular care, the kitchen retains a fresh look, which keeps us in a good mood.

8. Hidden kitchens

A sliding door tucks away this kitchen: A great idea for people who need to place everything in one room. However, this kitchen is almost too good to be hidden, don’t you think?

9. A bit of everything, please

Even in kitchens, we can combine assorted styles—just as here a modern kitchen has an old brick wall. It looks great!

10. Very rustic

This is probably the contrast to the minimalist design. However, as you can see, original kitchens in the smallest space can also be very comfortable and not at all bulky.

11. Colours in the kitchen

This kitchen is really cheerful! Colourful designs look great. However, before implementation we should pay attention to the exact colour spectrum. Otherwise, it could seem more chaotic than harmonious.

12. Elegance

We can create an extraordinary look with unusual materials such as stools with a transparent seat, like in this image. The backlit shelf in the kitchen area is also elegant, which makes an ordinary storage space suddenly quite mysterious.

13. Kitchens made of wood

Today's wooden kitchens often have a very clear look that does not distract from anything but the food and drinks we consume, sitting at the small bar on minimalist stools.

14. Rustic and charming

What a quaint kitchen! The room radiates comfort. In order to create space, shelves for the dishes have simply been attached to another wall, and it’s conveniently near the dining table.

15. Kitchens with retro design

Retro design creates kitchens with unusual colours, patterns and shapes. The highlight in this small kitchen is surely the yellow fridge. But, the hanging lights above the bar also have a great design and are suitable for the retro look. The stools are covered in classic orange to match the theme.

16. Sophisticated

This kitchen is based on absolute sophistication! The combination of marble, stylish built-in wardrobes and a ceiling light that bathes the room, makes it a particularly elegant place.

17. Small kitchens are quite handy

Most importantly, every kitchen should make us feel comfortable and stress-free. For this, it has to be practical – no matter how much you want to focus on beauty. This design blends both.

18. Fresh breeze

Colours affect the look of kitchens like nothing else can. This  design  is like a fresh breeze blowing through the room. However, when using a bright or bold colour, we should be aware that we have to live with it for many years.

19. Cottage charm

In this kitchen, we feel like we are on vacation. After a long trek, we settle down here and cook together to produce a nice meal. All this while enjoying a connection with the nature outside!

20. Contrasts

Opposing styles or harsh contrasts can look stunning in kitchens—as long as we stick to a constant, which runs like a thread through the concept. In this example, it is the colour black, which brings everything together.

21. Between tradition and modernity

This kitchen also impressively shows that a break in style can work even between two completely different themes. Here, a very original and rustic design meets the most modern stainless-steel look, which is almost reminiscent of a commercial kitchen.

22. Industrial look

And here, we see another contrast that is possible. The industrial design of the apartment with exposed pipes and an old brick wall fits perfectly with the more classical kitchen elements like the old gas stove.

23. Place for recipes

If we have a bare spot in our small kitchen, a blackboard is a great idea to decorate the room, in this case with recipes and dried herbs. We can also use it for messages and shopping lists.

24. The lighting

Whether small or large, lighting plays a significant role in every kitchen. When we prepare food, there should be a bright light in the area. It does not always have to be a dull ceiling light! Let us free our minds of preconceived notions.

25. Coffee stop

We can certainly relax in this kitchen. Who would not like to sit here, and drink a beautiful macchiato.

26. Completely classic kitchens

The last example shows us that even small kitchens can be classic. Our tip: Do not use very dark colours and pay a lot of attention to lighting. Also get curtains.

For more inspiration for designing beautiful kitchens see this ideabook.

Which of these small kitchens is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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